Sunday, June 24, 2007

Evan the great knight

defeated the armless monster at the scottish festival yesterday! he did it twice.... gotta love the free games.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

impending doom

I hate driving into severe weather. There's nothing like driving down the highway and waiting for that dark cloud up ahead to start spitting out lightning. Yesterday thankfully there was no lightening, AND I managed to not actually drive into super nasty weather. ever time I approached said nasty looking cloud the road turned. This was not the case a week or so a go on our way to Hadley to go to target. we drove right through nasty weather, and I got really paranoid. It's one thing to drive through rain and have no lightening around you, say way off in the distance, and then driving through it praying you don't get struck. oh... you say to pullover and wait it out do you? well see is it better to wait it out or drive through it b/c you'll make it through the storm faster? what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? I say drive through it. I made that decision out on route 2 about a month ago. I was heading west, and most often the weather here moves from west to east, unless there's some weird super big low pressure off shore and we're getting nor'easter type winds or unless there's a storm system moving up from the south.. anyhoo.. driving through it makes it go by faster. Shut up. I don't want to hear you logic.. IT DOES I SAY, IT DOES!!

We had some friends over last night.. like we do every Friday night. I got drunk. lol .. off of 3 glasses of wine.. granted they were large full glasses of wine.. and our homemade stuff too! It was funny. I honestly can't remember the last time I got drunk. so needless to say I was up past my bed time of wicked early, and made myself go to bed at 12:30. I have to be at work for 9 and I knew the baby would wake my up around 6. ugh. The baby did indeed wake me up around 6, so now I'm wicked exhausted. Such is life I guess.

Things here have been going well. Jason made it through his first week home with the boys with everyone in the family still alive and with hair. the first day was a little hard, but all in all the week ended up going well for Jason. Me? I'm just working alot. I start my Umass job full-time July 1st, and doing real estate stuff on the side. I'm going to leave my office at the end of the summer I've decided. My broker does stuff that urks me, and I just can't take it anymore. So at some point I've got to contact a couple of agenies up here to see if they'll let me work with them. I'm pretty sure of one that will.

So thanks to the baby I'm losign my hair, literally. And I"m fine with it. I know it's normal and it happened with Evan and whatnot, but seriously when is this shanannigan going to stop?! I'm sick of hair, hair everywhere. I'm shedding like hair is going out of style.. thankfully I have really thick hair to begin with.

okay. I'm done. I'm tired. Take a look at the pictures i posted and linked to inthe last entry.. they're wicked cute!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

a spare moment

Is hard to find these days. between the 2 jobs and tending to the family, I often find myself running crazy until the boys go to bed. I am thoroughly grateful Liam is an easy baby! He has been sleeping through the night for many weeks now, and that has helped me make it through the day by leaps and bounds. He's 3.5 months old now and weighs approx 20 lbs already! It's amazing really. the baby is snoozing, Evan is outsie playing, and the husband.. he might be snoozing on the couch or watchign tv or something.. I'm not really sure.

So as of July 1, I'll be employed full-time at Umass doing the job I'm doing now.. only now I'll be getting paid more and I'll be benefited b/c of teh full-timeness. I'll still be doing real estate part-time too. This was strictly a financial decision. trust me.. I wouldn't be working full-time at the lab if I didn't have to. We need the money to pay the bills, and besides benefits trough UMass cost less than half of what we currently pay through Jason's work. We'll be saving $200+ a month with the benefits switch alone. Hopefully by doing this we'll be able to pay the bills and buy food AND gas without using the credit card.

We realized a few months ago we were heading up shit creek with credit card debt ever since my job at UMass went hourly in October. I wasn't bringing home as much money as i had been for the past two years even though I was putting in more hours.. and the cost of gas sky rocketed! We also traded in Jay's Escape (which we loved) for a more fuel efficient car. We got a 01 Nissan Sentra. The idea was to make an even trade so we would have no payments on it. we were able to get the sentra thanks to Jay's grandparents who lent us some money to cover the difference of about 1000 buckaroos.

Luckily I have some buyers that just got an accepted offer on a house (which is practically across the street from us) so I should be getting a good chunk of money from that which we'll be able to pay back Jay's grandparents. The downside to real estate is that once you get an offer in it takes about 2 months for the closing to happen.. and it's the closing where you get your money.

that is all for an update for now.. we are apparantly off to the park!