Wednesday, January 9, 2008

looking back on the last year

2007... looking back So I've only been meaning to write a review of 2007 for a couple weeks now... but I'm slow and easily distracted :::shrug::: whatcha ya going to do about it. 2007 started out with a new addition to the family. Little Liam.. or not-so-little Liam depending on how you look at it seeing as how he was nearly 11lbs when he was born, and now, 10.5 months later wighs in at over 25! then a few months after that I went full-time at UMass... to a benefited position doing the same stuff and stuff around the lab.
I had a great summer with real estate business and by fall I was wiped out. At the same time I decided to leave the Century 21 office in Northampton b/c I didn't agree with my broker's businesses practices and switched to an office down the street from my house, where I'm much happier and can work at my own pace, WHEN I want to. (and I'm not forced to do open houses all the friggin' time) but because of the holidays most of my clients went dormant, so now I have to contact them and check in...
The holidays went well, and we even got down to visit with my family back home! man I miss that place.. I wish it wasn't so expensive to stay there, because I'd like to visit for more than 1 day. I hadn't seen my sister in over a year nor had we met each of our babies! It's funny how life treates you sometimes.. I grew up in a house with no guys... no dad no brothers. and now it appears as though my sister and I have come across a couple of men who can only reproduce more men. lol, and now us ladies are outnumbered!

2008 is going okay so far, except for first night where jay and I were sick throwing up and such for no good reason.

my resolution? to have a cleaner home... ha.. crazy I know, but i can try, right

That was my year, in a nutshell

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

how was your new years spent?

anyones had to be better than mine... I got home from work, and i got sick.. threw up many times. why? that's a good question.. i have no idea, but I do know that it sucked royally, and I couldn't keep anything down.. at the end of the night I had one of evan's gross pedialyte freeze pops.. that stayed down. yay.. and then i woke up a couple times last night to unload the water I had been drinking.

My husband was sick too for the same reasons.. bizarre. we had a few friends over too.. we were going to play d&d whcich we hadn't done in forever, but after jay was feeling ill we said nevermind.

I seem to be feeling alright this morning, although super achy from all teh yaking I did.. lets hope I feel better by tomorrow b/c I'm supposed go out in the field to do work along the highway. If I feel like crap still I'm not going in.