Sunday, September 9, 2007

county fair!

we went to the county fair last night after the t-storms! it wasa blast.. Evan was so into it this year, it made it worth it to go! Evan digged the rides, which he usually doesn't do. he started off on the merry go round with Dad, and then Evan and I went on the little roller coaster, the flying airplanes, and the rocking boat, and then back to the roller coaster.. that was his favorite. He was very sad that he was too short for the bumper cars. there's always next year! and the rides were really quite fun! I remmber when we had the fair or whatever come into Cranberry highway when we were kids over where the old DQ used to be, which is now the spot with the Giant Walmart... Christine and I would ride the roller coaster, bunches of times. it was tons of fun! Evan played some games too, and won some prizes, and bought an over priced ninja set from the toy guy at the parade on thursday night... but of course it was th only thing on th cart that he wanted. he was sooooo.. excited for the parade! firetrucks, tractors, police cars, horses, oh my!

yesterday I gave my notice to my century 21 office.. i need to leave there. My broker is not a good person to work for. as a person, she's pretty nice, but as a real estate professional, she's pretty whacked. I'm hoping to join an agnecy, literally at the end of my street, andeven if I have to do some office time at least it's there, and not an extra 1/2 hour away. knock on wood for me that i can get a job there, as I really enjoy doing real estate stuff.

so yesterday after my office time, i went and showed a couple of houses to a coworker.. he who gets out of the car.. the boss from umass.. lol.. not expecting that.. Aaron wanted a second opinion. it was fine, and we had a good time. he figured out which house he wants to put an offer on, but says he wants to think about it some more. hopefully he'll wait a little bit long enough so i can figure out the stuff with switching offices.

I'm off.. gotta get the kid some food, and then clean our hovel and then the car!

I'm done

Sunday, September 2, 2007