Monday, December 12, 2011

Gall Bladders.. who needs 'em? not me!

So back in August I got my gall bladder out. Dr. Muthavarapu at Greenfield Surgery said it was “non-essential” so I said what the heck I’m sick and tired of these awful attacks, so lets go for it. He said I could also change my diet, and “see” if that helped. I went for the surgery. Seeing as how my diet isn’t really *that* bad to begin with (especially in the summer when I tend to eat healthier), the surgery was prob for the best. Satish, as he introduced himself, was great. Nice and funny, very knowledgeable about the whole thing.. I felt I was in good hands. 
I’d like to thank my sister for pointing me in the direction of diagnosing my ailments. I was talking to her about the pains and awfulness that I was experiencing and she said, “hunny, you might want to get your gall bladder looked at. Sounds a lot like the problems I was having when I needed to get mine out”. hmm who knew. so I did some internet research. Did you know that Gall bladder problems are hereditary? I had no idea… also did you know you are more likely to have problems with your gall bladder if you are 1)white 2)female 3)have been pregnant 4)have someone in your family who also has gallstone. Guess who fits ALL of those categories? ME!! I win! oh wait. It’s really a fail. 
After a few months my body finally realized that it was missing something and my digestion hasn’t been this good in a long time! It had been sort of wonky since I was pregnant with Liam. Honestly he was the size of a 3 month old when he was born, and I don’t find it surprising that it’s possible he squished my gallbladder into submission during his time in captivity. It’s possible right? 
If you are in the same boat with what I thought were just really awful gas attacks, where I could take gas pills and burp for 4 hours on end and feel no relief causing my back to spasm right under my right shoulder blade, then you might be in the market for this surgery. Here’s a tip.. heat on your shoulder blade area during an attack was the magical treatment for me while I was waiting for my special day. When I discovered this, I was in heaven.. and possible risk for something bad sleeping with the heating pad, but it was my saving grace during those attacks… It meant I was actually able to get sleep, and not be in pain. 
also the best tip ever: vaseline on your scars to stop the *awful* itching. trust me. it was wonderful! I read it on the internet somewhere and thought, what the hell.. it won’t hurt anything, and I was desperate, and I already had it in my house- nothing else was working.

** originally posted on my Tumblr on Dec 3rd 2011

A post about I don't really know, but wish I did

My first crush was pretty hunky. You may have heard of him. I think I was 8 or so when this one started. I may have watched Dirty Dancing about a zillion times because of him. You guess it. It was Patrick Swayze. Big surprise, huh? yeah me and about a million other girls… Why wouldn’t you want to dance with this man?? I recently watched the Havana Nights spin off movie, and I am probably not ashamed to say I throughly enjoyed the flick. I was sucked in right off the bat, and then, to what my wondering eyes should see? Patrick Swayze! I had totally forgotten that he had a small role in the film. It actually made me a little sad, now knowing that he has since passed away. Stupid cancer.. it always takes the good ones. 
As an adult I have moved forward.

Not only do I follow this one on Twitter but his tweets get sent to my phone. He’s pretty funny, and most definitely ’ruggedly handsome’ as his current character on ABC’s Castle reminds us of in many of the episodes. I first met him in this role. Malcolm Reynolds will always be my cap’n and I think I would’ve have a great time being a space cowboy in under his command. I had forgotten how young he was during this show as I currently watch his current series pretty religiously, whatever. I think the man has aged well and he has quite the following. It’s pathetic interesting to note that my favorite episode of Castle was during the first season. This made me all warm and fuzzy inside when I first saw this when it aired. Made me yearn to watch Firefly again. Which I think I may have done. My only regret is that I didn’t discover him sooner.

After watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium a while back I rediscovered Jason Bateman. He was popular in my age group back in the day and faded away, and all forgotten about. I’m a weirdo, and think he’s pretty hunky these days.
Don’t hate that I *loved* this movie. It is one of my favorites now.. this one also got me a little teary eyed at the end. I think it was supposed to. It was just a wee bit sad and then happy! He has also starred in Juno, and the popular Arrested Development. This show was pretty awesome. By the time I caught on about it, it was pretty much too late and they canned it. I love his hair, his voice and the characters he plays. He appears to be a pretty fun guy. But I could be totally wrong. I follow him on Twitter..
When I was a kid my mom had a thing for Robert Hays. I’m not sure this is actually true or not, but we sure did watch a lot of Starman when I was little. So much so that I have no problem recalling the name of the television show he was on. According to IMDB, it aired when I was 6 years old, and I have a knack for remembering weird shit. He was also know for his role in the Airplane movies. My favorite thing to mimic from that movie, is to pretend to have a drinking problem. Not many get the joke, and if you are reading this, and you don’t know, then you need to watch the movie. I’m not explaining. Tough noogies for you.
Some times I wonder if my mom had a thing for Robert Stack- seeing as how she used to watch all those episodes of unsolved mysteries, that I was too scared to watch. That man gave me nightmares! I really disliked it when she and my sister would tune in. His voice was super creepy to me, as a little very impressionable little girl. To this day I refuse to watch Clan of the Cave Bear. I remember watching it when I was 5 with mom, and I have been scarred for life… I was all excited to hear that Daryl Hannah, my favorite Mermaid was in this flick.. only she wasn’t a mermaid. How disappointing.
I’m not sure who my sister had a thing for growing up. Nor do I really know now. I should ask her. what about you? 

**originally posted Dec 3rd 2011 on my Tumblr

Domestic Enemies of the busy mom

Do you read Rants from Mommyland? No.. well then you should. This post is in their style of “Enemies of the _________ Mom.”
I have a nearly 8 year old and a 4 year old. My older son is old enough to do activities like Cub Scouts and sports that are on Saturday mornings (ack and a birthday party to plan!). Thankfully Little Dude isn’t quite old enough for that stuff yet. I work full time during the day and sell Pampered Chef at night (might as well send you to the site so you can buy something, right?). Oh and I’m on 2 (yes two) PTO’s one of which I run. My Husband works as a teacher so he has all the work that comes home with that. He is also on the vestry at Church, goes to online school for his Ph.D, and participates in a class locally that meets weekly. Thus there are many a things that quickly become enemies to my massive juggling act.
1. Snow Days- it is Halloween and we are having a snow day. This is not a good sign for the winter to come. Everyone has a snow day today, including myself (as I work at a local University).. so I can imagine my work piling higher as it needs to wait, yet ANOTHER day.
2. The “how-do-you-do-it?” Mom/Dad- This one just gets on my nerves. “I don’t know lady, I just do. I don’t have a spare moment to contemplate your question.” Must. Keep. Moving.
3. Short notice events/schedule changes- My calendar is planned a month out, mainly because of my work. By the start of the month my schedule is set and often I have something going on nearly every single night. So last minute additions can rally mess me up unless of course you are willing to wait 3 weeks until I can fit you in.
4. Not enough hours in the day- My friend says that no matter what she does the constant feeling of never being caught up and the fear of getting so far behind keeps her going and wishing for more hours of the day. I agree. A full night of restful sleep would be nice. She recently got fouled up with this snow storm as her house has been without power for 2 days now. They are camping at our house.
5. People who live by themselves- I say this one, not to be mean, but because there are people who don’t have anyone they live with that they do not have to be concerned about, so they don’t seem to understand the frustration I have when they ask me to do something that can seriously screw up my act. I.e. my boss. The simple task of asking if I can work late for 3 hours to work on something is a HUGE deal for me to arrange. But for him, “It’s just a couple hours” and if you think he’ll be there working along side me, ha! Then he suggests, “just get a babysitter”… oy
6. People who have more money than they know how to spend it- I work to pay the bills and to get the cheap insurance provided to me by the University. But to some people, like my boss, who say, “Just get a babysitter”. That idea is easier said than done, because unlike them, we often just don’t have the extra cash to pay someone to watch the rugrats for several hours. I often reply to those people with, “Are you going to help pay for it?”, at which they are often stunned and say, “well, no”. So Don’t be surprised if I turn down your request to attend your short notice request because all my free sitters (of which I have about 3) are already occupied or frankly just don’t feel like watching the kids. For these people dropping $100 to go to the chiropracter on a whim, is no big deal and think that everyone else can do it too.

*originally posted on my Tumbly on Oct 31 @ 9:31am

Monday, August 8, 2011

so I've been busy

and not really posting.. I have been posting over at tumblr... just for something new.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Shower does not equal Bath

all I wanted to do tonight was relax in a bath, but I couldn't. Instead I had to settle for a shower. It's just not the same.. the only time I ever get to take a bath is when we go somewhere else, like a hotel, and I make a point to take a bath. you can't read in the shower, or submerse your body (*maybe* half of it as an adult).. no candles or even the room to spread out in any degree. It's been a wonky week. Deadlines at work, and a best friend who moved to Austin, Tx for the unforeseeable future, to go be with her son who has been living with his dad for the last year year b/c he is a sleazy d-bag, and who is also brainwashing her son to thinking she is crazy. She's not, not even close. so I just wanted a relaxing bath, and couldn't so I did the best i could.. I leaned against the way and turned the spray to "massage" or whatever. It sorta worked... not really. I mean, showers just aren't relaxing you feel the need to clean and wash your hair, so I did, even though I had taken a shower this morning and didn't do anything strenuous all day. and now I will prob go to bed with wet hair, and tomorrow my hair will look all weird.. but i can blow dry it, or even use the flat iron if I feel so inclined.

Hell I would just like to be able to sleep without being woken up by a child for atleast a 2 night stretch. that isn't asking too much, is it? Often it is Liam complaining of leg/knee/feet pain in need of a good rub and often wakes up crying 3 or 4 times in a 3 hour stretch of time.. usually the 3 when I finally get to bed, or my final three, so most days I'm a walking zombie- albeit less noticeable with a good cup off coffee.. other days it's one or both of the kids trying to squeeze into our bed. Evan often sleep walks into our bed when he wakes and doesn't realize he does it. Liam does it b/c he's a cuddler, or needs a leg rub. Liam atleast is still pretty portable and easily relocated to bed. When was the last time you tried to gently bring a 70lb lump 15-20ft to another room without hitting a door jam, or the frame of the top bunk? yeah didn't think so.. not an easy feat, and do able when we're awake. Not so much when we are sleeping.

I feel that myself and all my other friends who are moms need to co-author a book titled "Stuff the other parenting books don't tell you about being a parent". First item: Laundry, and the massive amounts that your family will create, and you won't be able to keep up with. Second: Dishes, same theory as 'Laundry'. Third the child's inane ability to mimic the Tazmanian Devil after you spent the last several hours picking up their crap, OR they're inane ability to undo what you've been cleaning at the same rate at which you have been cleaning, but not in an area adjacent to where you are working so when you pop back into the other room, you nearly shit your pants as your jaw hits the floor and you swear at the mess. Fourth: eating until your cupboards are bare, and they still complain they are hungry, but are then magically full when you offer the item that is left... until they are hungry.. rinse lather repeat. lol.

That is all for now.. gotta think about bed, ya know

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Decade!

Holy bajeezus! Not only that, but I haven't posted since August. I'm a loser. I am busy, so so I seem to keep telling myself that. In June I started selling products with the Pampered Chef and since September I am members of 2 PTOs, one of which I am co-chair. And speaking of which I need to nail down agenda items for our meeting next week. on top of all that I have 2 kids, a full time job, and now a part time job, and a husband who bought an XBox. I can keep making excuses, but I think you get the idea.. I'm just too distracted to sit here and type up some stuff. It's not like a have a bunch of followers like my mother. She seems to be the blog queen of socialness!

So bring on the new decade, and let's hope this year brings on bigger and better opportunities, or how about atleast a year with minimal shit hitting the fan, and other crappy shit. We can all do without that. I was going add is some pics that highlighted the year but blogger seems to be farting or something and it doesn't seem to be working.
Hopefully I can be a little more regular for my blogger peeps. although you can find me on facebook and twitter if you feel so inclined