Monday, August 27, 2007


I finally worked on and finished the bag I promised to my sister for Mother's Day. hush up.. I've been working 2 jobs and taking care of a family. I'm just glad I finished it before her birthday.

1 closing down, 1 to go! The next one is scheduled on october 9th, and I've got a co-worker who's ready to buy a house too. who said real estate was slow? for some reason little-ol-part-time me is go-go-going...

Evan starts preschool on the 10th, we're all so very excited. Hard to believe my little dude is ready for school. Little does he know he'll be in school for atleast 15 more years. ugh.

ok i'm done.. i'm tired

Sunday, August 12, 2007

life as it stands

is a bit less crazy with 2 house deals under agreement. although one of them has become quite the headache. the buyers are getting their home loan through the USDA, and apparently the USDA failed to inform my buyers what a pain in the ass it is to get a loan with them. It doesn't help that the loan contact woman is a big douche, thinks she's all righteous, says things are going to be fine and then 2 minutes later she's coming up with yet another reason to hold up the deal. grr. according to my buyers the rural development loan program sounded like a great program, but as the deal moves forward it has come apparent that the loan lady didn't explain to my buyers the process very well, as well as what hoops needed to be jumped through and all the ups and downs. The loan douche said near the end of july for them to go find a house and put in an offer. they asked her if closing by September 1 would be a problem. she said no, so the buyers said 'okay', and didn't renew their lease at their apt. now anyone who has ever been involved in purchasing a home knows that the normal transaction time is about 2 months not 1. well we had the home inspection this pat week, and she said a couple of easy fixes needed to be done. ok. and the home inspector said the foundation needed to be supported or it will buckle (thanks to the high water table and fieldstone foundation walls).. and he added in a few other things in the report that were catorgarized at 'unacceptable'. well the loan lady says that all of these stupid little things that don't really need to be fixed now need to be fixed now before they move in so they can get their loan money. this is bullshit, and it's frustrating everyone. so now we've had her inspection the buyers home inspection, and now she needs a contractor to go in and get an estimate for all the stupid repairs so the money can be put in escrow. me and the listing agent were talking this and it seems stupid to have to many hands in the honey pot. ugh.. here's to working with the feds i guess.

Jay's great aunt's health is very poor right now, and no one expects her to live past the next couple of days. It's so sad. Jay's grandmother has 8 or 9 siblings, and most of them live in town, and even we know them all fairly well. Poor Bertha's passing will be hard on the entire family. She's lived a good long life, mostly healthy, and has a great big family that loves her to pieces. She was even one of my godparents when I got baptized about 8 years ago. It's one of those bittersweet moments in life, similar to when my grandmother died. It was and is terribly sad, cancer got the best of both of them, and both women did so much for their family and for others, and yet God decides to take them early. At the end of their lives, you're just so thankful for all that they did when they were able, and it's so hard to see them not being able to do the simplest things in life, and then you're (sadly) thankful for that they will not be suffering much longer. Jay's eldest great aunt is in denial about the while thing and hasn't been to see her sister since her health has gotten really bad. she had it set is her mind that she was the one to go first, she's nearly (if not already) 90 years old. I have a feeling that it's going to be a rough next couple of years.


on a different note, the family is doing well. the bay is huge, evan has bundles of energy, and loves to swim, jay's ready to go back to work in a couple of weeks, and me? I've been the space cadet around here.. I feel like im always supposed to be doing 12 things at once and no time to slow down. life will 'normalize' once again, right?

suppose I should get dressed now.

ok i'm done