Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just another day

Have you ever felt the urge to blog knowing that you really have nothing specific to write about? That's me.. bout nearly every day. Sometimes I am in the middle of driving somewhere and I think, " I should blog that" and then of course I forget to.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with... stuff. Same shit different day type of stuff. Except that it also included:
Building a garden bed at the younger kid's school of which I am wrapping up my run as PTO President, for the second time. That's right I ran this group when my older son attended this school too. I have since been voted in as president of the PTO at the elementary school where both boys will be attending in the fall. oy.

This is about to be a butterfly garden and to the left there we plan on adding some butterfly bushes. Due the the rain the last couple of weeks, progress is slower than expected. Rain happens it's okay.

We are also experiencing sewer line work on my street resulting in 1/2 my front lawn missing and a new walkway to be installed (silent "yay!") I drive a little Hyundai Accent, and because of the mud on the street, it looks like I took my car 4-wheeling... and I might as well have. They are starting to do finishing work as of this week, so we no longer have a dirt/mud trench down the middle of the street, and the frame it set up for pouring our new walk, hopefully on Tuesday morning. We'll see..

I also had my birthday this past week. I turned a whopping 32! *gasp* I know, I know.. "I'm just a baby" as most people tell me when they hear my age. I have taken to the habit of telling anyone who is younger than me that they are a baby and I'm the old lady... lol true story. Other people say, "you're *only* 32?!" Christ people! How old do I look?! I've also gotten carded a couple times this past month... woohoo!! I look under 30! I know that since I turned 30 I have lost my ability to guess people's ages with any accuracy.

As a result of my birthday I am throwing my annual Birthday/BBQ this weekend. We are also celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary because my husband is going to be away in Kansas City for work.. he'll be grading AP exams... all day... for an entire week.. I win!

oh! I had pictures done of the kids.. my one of my besties Melissa. You can see them here They came out pretty awesome! She also helped me design some new business cards for my Pampered Chef business. Also pretty awesome.

So now it's almost 12:30, and my brain is shutting down.. maybe next time i will share something worthy of sharing! Maybe.