Monday, June 20, 2005

career change

i need a job change. as much as i would love to do tv stuff, i've accepted the fact that is has to wait... at least to be getting paid for it. i can do stuff at the greenfield tv station, but that requires time. so for months i've been looking in the want ads for jobs, and the other day i thought of real estate. i think i might take the class at Umass or GCC if they have it, and try that. atleast for now while i have a young child. i would like to have another baby soon, but with my current job i would want to be pregnant and be driving all over hell and back all the time. it just wouldn't be pleasant. not to mention the risk that evan was three weeks early... yeah i wouldn't feel safe. so while looking at a house magazine out of boredom i thought perhaps i should get into real estate. it's worth a shot, and hey i might actually enjoy the job.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

a graduate in the family

My husband is finally the proud owner of an M.Ed.! now the trick is to find an institution willing to let him use this wonderful piece of paper. odds are getting worse as he gets more letters in the mail. he appied to baout 12 different school districts, but i guess there are tons of people looking to be history teachers. not much we can do but pray i guess.

here is a recent picture of my two main men from when we visited the cape on memorial day weekend. crazy i know, but there was absolutely no traffic... hmmm

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in the background you can see the back of my sister's head and her most adorable son james. it's kinda funny how our mom wanted boys and got 2 girls, and now her two girls each have a boy.

not much going on these days other than playing outside with evan and working. wait i lied. we're heading to niagara falls on the 26th. wish us luck with the car ride and a 19-month-old kid. not looking forward to that part of the trip. might as well be driving to millinocket and stay at the cabin. maybe next year who knows.some time in the near future we hope to her from my aunt and uncle about going to their beach house. i think i better email them at work, b/c i emailed them at homelast week and haven't heard anything.

i must run for i have a hungry baby who needs some grub.

Friday, June 3, 2005

attack of the baby

my nephew james really took to his big cousin Evan on our recent visit

this past memorial day weekend! kept on trying to eat him... as you can

see here he's going in for the kill!

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We had a good time even though we spent most of our time on the vineyard in some restaurant that took forever to get us our food when it was EMPTY! and then forgot to make two of our meals. it turned out that the chef was being a slow asshole and our waitress who was new was flipping out! mom wrote the name of it down somewhere, so we know not to go there again!