Thursday, July 27, 2006

weird cravings here i come...

so unlike last pregnancy i have started to have cravings for food i wouldn't normally eat so much, or even at all. the past few days have been "foods that taste good in vinegar"... such as cukes, and today i had some carrots with vinegar...mmm... don't knock it.. i remember when i was very young my cousin vicki did it for me once b/c i refeused to eat the carrots... mind you this was at my aunt and uncle's (D &J's) old house.. i think i must've been three or four or something.. they haven't lived there in forever. i've always loved vinegar tho. and i'm been enjoying the balsalmic on the cukes... it's sweeter and is great alone on salads.

after dinner (which was the carrots) i had me some ice cream. and everyone who knows me, knows that i lvoe my vanilla ice cream.. yumm.. well i put chocolate on it... and those who know me well, know that i don't ever put chocolate on ice cream, and barely eat it on a normal basis. i defiled it, and it was yummy.


my business cards came in! it's got my picture on it! the picture came out well... a friend of high school said it looks very similar to my senior picture. sort of i guess, but only now i'm grown up...

okay so it has my phone number on it... um... no harassing calls please.. but if you want me to sell your house give me a ring for i'm hardly ever in the office, and too poor for a cell phone. such is life.

our vacation in a couple of weeks has been cancelled. we were gonna go camping out in savoy SP but jay was reading the rules, adn it said that if you leave your site for more than 12 hours they reserve the right to give to someone else. well that's shitty.. we were planning on coming back to the house for one night to do laundry and so evan can spend a night at home... he gets anxiety when he's out of his bed for too long. so we cancelled that b/c we're like wtf? that's crazy. so we thought we'd go to the 'ham and spend some time at the beach... well it turns out our friend with whom we stay with is going to michigan to visit his mom... so now we're not doing that. so we're bummed, but in the end it's okay b/c we honestly don't have the money for a trip anyway.

that is all.. have a great night!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

i can't seem to keep a good blogging schedule

it's either often or over a oh well. there's not much to report other than the fac it's been bloody hot and humid around here lately. they're saying heat wave. great. i can really do without, honestly. the evening was nice we went for a walk around the block with evan and then came inside b/c it was getting dark. the worst part about this god damn heat is that it's just too hot to go swimming unless you can go swimming in the shade or swim early in the day or in the night. the middle of the day i'm stuck inside. my pregnant self just can't handle this god damn heat. the worst part is that the a/c in my car is broken. it died at the very end of summer in 2004. it'll cost like $90 to fix or something, so needless to say it hasn't been done. luckily we've been able to carpool to work this past week, and this week in jay's car which still has working a/c! we've been using his car most of the time when it's bloody hot out b/c my car gets so freakin' stifling. days like this i really do love the a/c. it makes me wonder how they did it back in the day. i can't imagine.

i'm just thankful that i'm not in the mid-west right now.. it's well over 100 degrees out it. it just out of this world b/c north dakota and minnesota are some of THE coldest states in the lower 48 states, and now it's beginning to feel like the desert up there. no thanks. i go crazy enouh here with our crazy weather patterns.

work at century 21 seems to be going well. i'm in the process of looking at properties and haven't actually started office work yet on the phones. i should be getting my business cards tomorrow or tuesday i imagine. they'll have my picture on them. i'm excited. my first business

other than the weather there's not much to report. life here has been the same, and no work around the house has been done b/c of the weather and us working. jay's been doing some seminars this past week.

time to put evan to bed so i'll catch you later.

Friday, July 7, 2006

i took some pictures yesterday

here's a link to them: PHOTOS

i didn't feel like uploading them to blogger to i uploaded them to my kodak account... check them out

Thursday, July 6, 2006

oh yeah this too!


let's see if you can figure out my good news! here's a hint.. there's 2 things.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

it's been a busy couple of weeks. i just noticed it's been awhile since i last posted, but oh well, that's what happens when your busy outside and palying and such. we put in a new floor in our back room. it's a WHOLE new room. the rug that was in here that was put in by a previous homeowner was just disgusting. granted we ground in a bunch of dirt into the cheap ass rug they put in, but the fact that their dog peed all over the rug by the door was disgusting in itself. that dog peed there so much, that it was soaked into the subfloor.. yuck. it was nauseating when we pulled up the rug, it was so gross. so we oil soaped it, which helped a bit, and then sprinked baby powder all over it and let it sit over night which helped a bunch but still not a hundred percent. so before we put down the new floor we put some gold bond over the spot again hoping that it would help. it seems to have. we put down some laminate wood floor we bought from ikea we picked up on our way home from the cape. it's sort of on the way home. i heart ikea.... altho we've learned form a friend to never ever go on the weekend. you have to go midweek, when most people are at work.

so not only did we do the floor we replaced the floor on our front porch. it needed to go. it had dry rot so bad that in some places the floor bounced a little and it was just broken at the end of the boards in front of the door. it just wasn't safe. and it looked like crap. it looks soooo much better now, and is wicked sturdy now. jay hurt himself while tearing out the floor. put a big gash in his stomach. poor guy. it stung pretty bad. the porch has been on their so long long that the nails used were the old cut style nails... nails like i've never seen before... i'm sure tremont nail makes them, or atleast used to seeing as how they shut down shop there. i injured my toe while screwing in a floorboard. it hurt. the drill bit slid off the screw and got my big toe just under the nail where it's tender... and it was fine after a while and then i go and run it over with the shoppign cart while at teh checkout... that hurt wicked bad and i was hobbling for the rest of the day. today it's pain free! yay!

and while at walmart jays glasses broke.. and broke beyond repair. they were like 5 years old anyway, and really needed to be replaced anyhow so he's at the eyedoctor's now. speaking of which i've got to go get him.

i'll try and post some pictures later of our handy work.. the only thing left on the honey-do list for this year is painting the porch railing b/c now that looks like crap with the new floor!