Thursday, January 25, 2007

baby update

had my 36 week appointment this morning. it's looking good. i'm measuring for 38 weeks. not surprised, and i'm already dialated a little bit but the midwife says the baby isn't really pushing down on it so it could mean that i'm pregnant for a few more days or a couple more weeks.... i'm only aking for one more week.. that's all. we have tickets to go see Lewis Black next thursday night! guess i gotta get on the ball and pack my hospital bag... I want to make sure that it's ready this time around.. with Evan I had only just started packing it the day before so it wasn't fully ready yet... the baby bag is easy enough and i'm pretty sure that's ready.. except for burp cloths.. but i've got to wash them first.

oh, and technically i've only gained 6 lbs so far. lol.. but that's only b/c i lost so much earlier in the pregnancy. i only gained 15-20 lbs with evan so even for me this is a light load. the midwife says she thinks i got a big one too.. lol can't wait until i have the baby, and see how much i weigh after. i bet i can figure out how much i gained by doing the math.. atleast a rough number.

hope everyone is staying warm.. it's nasty cold out this week over here

Monday, January 22, 2007


so I had a listing appointment yesterday for that house near me, and I got it... it's really not worth the price their asking but they can't afford to go any lower between paying the comission and paying off what they owe. I mean it might sell for the priced they need we'll see. my broker was hesitant to list it at $265k b/c it won't sell fast. It was sorta funny that after my Broker left, Diane, one of the homeowners said, "she looked like she didn't want to list it for that price", and i said that she was hesitant to b/c it's means that it'll be sitting on the market for a while. The homeowners were fine with that. it's really worth about $230-$240k. They seem to like me though, which is good. Thankfully, they don't really need to make any money off the sale other than just paying off the mortgage, so that wasn't an issue. They're looking at getting a house around $175 or a 2-family, so the mortgage will be way cheaper than what their paying now. taxes will most definately be cheaper as well. I'm going to be talking with her later today, and hopefully we'll be going out this weekend to look at some houses.

so that's that. Real Estate is going well.. well enough for me.. i don't want it to be too crazy right now. not witht the baby coming soon and all that. just knock on wood that i don't go into labor on feb 1st.. i bought tickets for jay and i for Christmas to go see Lewis Black in Northampton.. he's jay's favorite comedian... and i really want to go! any time after that we're good to have the baby! I'm officially 35 weeks now, and if we go by the Evan time table, that means we have 2 weeks until doomsday. if i don't go into labor the weekend of the 4th we'll be surprised. lol. watch me have this baby late instead of early.. only because we're expecting early.. that would suck.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Evans newspaper debut!

saturday january 13th. Dylan is a friend from daycare. melly took them last week and mentioned a guy from the paper was there taking pictures :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bono says it perfectly about today..

"It's a beautiful day"... indeed, Bono, it is.

so i went to the doc's this morning with Evan.. who was amazingly good. they weren't running late at all. and the good news is that the baby has flipped! yay! the head is down and it's all good from here. we even got a peek with a quick ultrasound just to be sure!

What a cutie!.. the foot one is kinda hard to see, the face ones came out good. The baby is still a boy.. i had her double check. lol. just want to be sure ya know? he's got those chubby cheeks like evan had too!

i've created a web album with picasa.. there's a bunch of evan pictures up there.

check them out.

i'm the type of person that only likes to blog when theres something worth mentioning. so i had to mention that of course. and i didn't mention how our new years went b/c i forgot.

our new years was pretty boring. we had friends over, and at 9:30 we're all zombies in the living room tired from work and life.. we were practically asleep, and probabyly would've been if evan wasn't off the wall... . there was nothing on the tv either. we watched will and grace for about 10 minutes, and i broke down and said.. ok, lets play cards or something. we we played cards for a while which combined with coffee and wine woke people up... i had jay buy me a bottle of sparkling cider, so i had that. when it was time for the ball to drop we paused our card game got up, watched the ball drop, said cheers, kissed our spouses, and went back to playing cards. i finsihsed my sparkling juice right from the bottle. everyone laughed.. they said we should've gotten a picture. and then at about 1 or so people went home. it was good and quiet. so that was our new years... by the sounds of it you'd think we were old fogies or something.. but nope.. the avg age is 26-27.

have yourself a beautiful day too!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i'm movin' on up... to the eastside.. to a de-luxe apt in the sky...

ok so not really, but i was going to blog about my first listing appointment i just got back from, and that song got stuck in my head.

real estate is treating me well considering i'm part time and not really able to spend money on promoting myself to get business. i'm just really lucky with people calling in when i'm answering phones. so i got a call on saturday when i was in the office from this woman interested in our comission rates and stuff. so i made an appointment to do a market analysis, and we did that appoiontment today. it seemed to have gone well.

the homeowner got the house appraised last year for $275k, but i don't think that they'll be able to get that with the prices of houses coming down. even in Greenfield. cross yoru fingers for me that i get the listing.. it would be nice to sell a house... and be the listing agent.. that's where the money is.

so tomorrow morning i go to the doctor's to see how the babe's doing.. little guy still hasn't turned. grr.. i can tell by the hiccups. lol. i'll let you know how it goes.

WalkAmerica for the March of dimes and a good friend of mine

We should all do something good when given the chance and have the abilities to do so. if your resolution this yeare was to help out others more, or donate to charities, here's a great one!

from my good friend Janelle:

As many of you know, my son, Jacob, was born 6 weeks early at Women & Infants' hospital in RI. He's doing great, and recovering better than we could have ever anticipated - I say to everyone that I don't really have a "sick" baby, just one that needs to heal a little bit before he comes home =) But this experience has shown me how valuable and neccesary the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is - and how many other babies are born in desperate need of care to survive. The March of Dimes is an amazing foundation that help to raise money for reasearch to save babies' lives - and on April 29th, I'm participating in a Walk America, a 5 mile walk to raise money for this cause, in honor of my beautiful son, Jacob Michael Scott Lincoln. (Michelle, you are so amazing and I love you! Thank you for telling me about this, and creating Team Jacob!!!)

So... if you are up for a bit of a hike, come join Team Jacob and raise money for a great cause... the walk that I am participating in is in Manchester, NH, but if that's too far, by all means join us in honor at a different location. I'm thinking its going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait =)

Of course, the other way to help is to sponsor Team Jacob. You can visit our March of Dimes website here, and donations/payments are accepted via credit card and PayPal.

and for a quick update:

he's doing great!!! 4lbs 14oz and up to 10cc's of milk every 4 hours! and of course, he's absolutely perfect. but then again, i'm biased ;-) i'll have more pictures up soon!

lots of love,


another friend from high school and is doing the walk as well! here's what she has to say:

Jacob and his mommy Janelle

Jacob Michael Scott Lincoln was born 6 weeks early on December 19th, 2006 weighing 3lbs 14oz. He was born with Gastioentises (his intestines on the outside of his body) He has been receiving care in the NICU at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence RI. Every day Jacob has been getting stronger and stronger with the help of a great NICU team and the March of Dimes.

I am participating in WalkAmerica on April 29th 2007 in Machester NH. because I believe in the March of Dimes mission to save babies. Please support my fundraising efforts by sponsoring me in WalkAmerica today.

Contributing to my walk online is fast, easy and secure. You can donate directly from my personal webpage with a credit/debit card or PayPal. If you prefer, I can also accept cash or check. Just click the appropriate box on my webpage.

The money we raise helps save premature and sick babies. Premature birth is the #1 cause of newborn death and the biggest threat to babies' health today, and through WalkAmerica, the March of Dimes is funding important research to find out why premature birth happens and what can be done to prevent it.

I've joined with millions of compassionate people across the country who support WalkAmerica each year. Won't you please help me in this worthy cause? Visit my webpage and sponsor me in the walk that saves babies!

With your support, there's hope.

If you would like to join our team or sponsor Team Jacob please visit our page on the March of Dimes / Walk America web site.

Thank you for all your support!!

Team Jacob