Thursday, October 15, 2009

holy long time, Batman!

yup I haven't blogged all summer. holy bejeezus.. not like I have tons of readers anyway. I mostly post on facebook these days, but usually I copy the post here, for my loyal fans.. Thanks mom. :P

Leaves are are in peak color, not at bright as other years, but nice none the less.

From 2009-10-11

Columbus Day weekend turned out to be a blast! a long lost friend of mine decided to take a ride out here for a day and hang out. Her daughter came and hung out too
From 2009-10-11
This picture was taken at the park at the end of our day near our swim area. the kids had a blast playing and hanging out. we spent several hours at yankee candle for their fall festival and painted pumpkins, got faces painted, made some wax hand molds.. and some pictures

Evan has started kindergarten this year, and loves it :) He is learning all sorts of neat things like sign language, dance and tae kwon do! His favorite subject is Math.. (he can add and subtract very well), and he can even read some.. Holy Crap!!

I have been super busy with work lately driving all around and doing lab stuff.. in fact I should be doing that now, but I felt the urge to waste a few moments.. I have also been working on crocheting a few things. I'm real lousy about photographing my things though. I have made a few hats recently and now I"m working on a Wubbzy doll. If you don't know Wubbzy you obviously don't have small children in your life!. . my 2 year old loves him.

I have recently unpacked our SNES and N64 and boy have I missed them.. the husband and I have been having a great time with the SNES while the nearly 6 year old loves the mario kart on N64. the Wii still gets used as well.. mostly for golf these days.

so much has been going on, I really should take some more time to blog about things. I always read other peoples blogs rarely to I write my own.. such is life