Sunday, November 19, 2006

some pictures

just added: a picture of evan's birthday cake that i made for the kids. the grown ups cake was bigger and looked very similar to this gluten-free version :)

here are some pictures we took tonight.. don't mind the strech marks.. you can blame evan for those.. i do :) 26 weeks prego...

I'm not stoned or anything.. i was looking at something other than jason

evan found the christmas decorating stuff... i managed to get him to forget about the christmas tree one by saying we're doing that one another time. it seemed to work. i hid it.. better than jason hid them. we let him to the gingerbread people. why not. they came out cute huh?

Monday, November 13, 2006

evan has turned the big 3!

that's right.. this past friday, Evan turned three! i can't believe it's been three years since that lovely (ha ha) night at the hospital.. just to think i'll be going there again in a few short months. woo.. we had 2 birthday parties for the kid. one for his friends around lunch time and then for dinner we had our friends and family over. it works best if you have separate parties i found, then it's not terribly overwhelming and crazy.
then on sunday we traveled to buzzards bay for a baby shower for a friend of mine form high school. it was supposed to be a surprised, but her mother let the cat out of the bag and ruined the party surprise, but she was surprised at all the people that were there. i didn't tell her that i was going to be there even though i knew that she knew about the party. after she got to the hall and hugged her family and her bestest friends, she was making her rounds. evan was there with me and almost walked right into her. when she realized who he was she looked up and smiled and got all excited to see me. i think i surprised her :) unfortunaly i had to leave the festivites early b/c our plans of having my husband play for the day in boston with his best friend got foiled... so jay came down with me and went shopping at the outlet mall, christmas tree shop, and job lot, to find that nothing was of value today for christmas shopping. he said the christmas tree shop was crazy busy wo he was there for less than 5 minutes before he left.

my mom stopped by the shower to deliver a birthday present for evan. one of the gifts was a little remote control puppy that squeaks... i mean barks.. and it walks.. he loves that thing. he was playing with it in the car the entire time he was awake on the ride home. so what if he was asleep before we got very far. then when we got back and stopped at mimi's house to pick up her car, he insisted we get it out from the car and play with it.

many of his presents this year were big construction trucks, that were not only a super bitch to get out of the packaging, but make lots of noise too. i reallyh don't mind toys that make noise, but these things are really loud.. deafening almost, so we taped over the speakers on the bottom to cut the noise level. so far so good.

and to top off the week, we discovered that we need to pay nearly 1000k to get jays car fixed. all this past week it has been making this noise that has been getting progressively worse. so we brought it in... the tie rod, the bearings (or somehting like that) and the ABS tone ring were all shot. the most expensive repair: the ABS thing. apparantly this part, no one keeps in stock anywhere b/c it's made special for each and every vehicle and comes attached to the axle, so needless to say they have to replace the front axle in jay's car. having this ABS thing broken is bad news b/c this is what tells your ABS to kick in when it needs to. so we've had a busy week.

thanksgiving will be at jay's aunts and uncles this year. i'm .. i mean 'we' will be bringing homemade rolls, and boiled onions, and a pumpkin pie too. it's hard to believe it's only 2 weeks away..

this morning the street cleaner drove down the road even though it's been raining. i was very excited to see this... i meant they were going to pave the road today! woo hoo! our road has been like an obstacle course the past month or so with all the bumps and raised structures they do before paving. i was beginning to wonder if there were ever going to pave our stupid road. when i came home today it was as smooth as a baby's bottom.. it was a nice touch to the end of the day.. !

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

another one bites the dust

another halloween has come and past. and like usual in this house it has flopped once again. our little dud this year refused to go out. instead he opted for sleeping, but not before we tried going.

here he is going as Greg Wiggle...he of course wouldn't stand still so i couldn't gt a good shot, but we make do.

he was so excited all day to go, and when we got home he played for a while with the neighbor for it was a PERFECT night for trick or treating.. it was warm and not raining you could go and not freeze! hell i Was excited. i pulled out my 4 year old cape and witches hat.. i was ready. then jeff and becky show up about 5:30 and becky and i head out with evan who wanted nothing to do with it. go figure. we went 20 feet with him crying when he his lollipop fell out of his mouth, and that was the end. lol.. we went back to wah it off and he fell asleep. without dinner again. crap.

this time change is really messing him up this week. he's not napping during the day anymore, which is fine, he's usually chipper all day until it's time for bed, only this week, we haven't been getting dinner done before he falls asleep. this means that he wakes up at 1:30-2 am b/c he's hungry and then is up until 4. but atleast he's alright with me passing out on his bed or on the couch while he watches tv. so needless to say i'm tired