Sunday, October 30, 2005

yuck and even more yuck

can it be? is really only quarter to 2 ugh.. this day is dragging... mostly i think b/c instead of hustling and bustling around to get the party together, we've canceled it b/c evan is too sick.. his temperment has been like a roller coaster the past 2 days.. and of course he only wants his mommy... so i htink i've gone trough a weeks worth of shirts in 2 days. between the drool, boogies and throw up i really don't have much of a choice. he goes from yucky, to happy, to tired and yucky, happy... you get the idea. atleast he's not throwing up anymore! now he just has sinus issues and a low grade fever... last night it went to almost 102. eep! poor kid. i think this is his worst sickness yet.

i've rescheduled his party for next sunday, so we can only hope he'll be feeling more like himself by then.

well atleast it hasn't snowed here yet!

i spent a bunch of time working on evan's costume over the past 2 months, and now he probably won't even wear it.. if he'll wear the shirt and pants for trick or treating.. i'll be happy.. even if it mean we only hand out candy.. i was atleast hoping to go around the neighborhood.

happy halloween

my gooberness amazes me... this is the third time i've edited this post b/c i wanted to add one more thing... so here goes: i hate the time change.. adjusting is a pain in the ass an di know that's one of the reasons why the day is dragging so badly today.

there.. . that's it, really.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

oh the joys

evan's been sick today... not the entire day, but last night he got sick a few times.. i think it was the pizza. he spent some time this morning miserable as well, but was feeling better after some time and some plain toast and water. i think the tylenol helped too. he's fighting every medicine we have except the baby gas medicine... i think it did help settle his stomach... but i know he just likes the taste of it... he won't even take chewable tylenol.. i used to love that stuff when i was a kid. the red ones... too bad at brooks the meltaways by tylenol only come in grape... they don't taste bad or anything... he just doesn't like medicine except the gas medicine... and i've determined that you've got to really love someone to let them throw up one you, not only once, but a few times b/c they don't know what to do with themselves... after a little thinking after that moment.. you must really love someone more to let them throw up on you when they're drunk... hopefully that doesn't happen and they can make it to the bathroom. but haven't you noticed that the ony people "allowed" to throw up on other people are babies, and young children. i'd go as far to say there's less volume.. but c'mon that's not really true.. anyone who'se been around a newborn and attest to that... there can be alot of volume out of someone less then 2 feet tall... it's amazing. sorry to gross you all out.

he's sleeping again right now... he was just starting to get cranky again. i think the tylenol is wearing off, but when i put it in his mouth he just pushes it out and screams or let it drip out and screams or doesn't swallow it and screams... so we'll just let him sleep.. it's naptime anyhow.

evan's party is tomorrow, and i think he'll be fine by the afternoon. if he gets sick again i'll have to cancel it :( and i don't want to do that.

are my readers being lazy and not posting any comments, or haven't i had any readers? i can't tell, and may of you don't seem to be posting either, i know you're all busy and i only work three days a week... no excuses for me i guess.

i should be doig the dishes and cleaning the house... note what i'm doing instead.

ok.. i think i'm done now.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

that's retarded

i just discovered that i can't view any of my previous posts that were associated with my previous template... grr...


i managed somehow last night while updating, to delete half of the HTML code while updated links.. the internet was being slow and i probably hit the save button too many times and probably closed the window after 5 minutes of waiting. if you had a link onmy page andi didn't put it back in the list... it's not because i don't like you, it's b/c i'm a goober and forgot what your address was...

don't forget to turns your clocks back on saturday night!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

what great weather we've had...

this october pretty has sucked in the way of weather... mother nature is giving us a break by finally giving us some good weather this weekend. i'm very excited! mainly b/c i'm having a halloween party for my son on sunday afternoon, and not only will it be sunny.. they're saying it'll be 60! score! i just hope the party will be fun.. it'll only be kids and moms probably. the family party will be on the 12th... i haven't sent out invites yet, however i did discover that there's a baby einstein theme out there for parties! if you know my son, you know that he LOVES baby einstein... he's so funny... we got the birthday express catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and he just stares and examines the little baby einstein section. it's very cute.

so i had lunch on tues with a friend whom i hadn't seen in 8.5 years.. holy cow, it sure didn't seem that long ago when we saw each other last. i had a great time... we caught up on old classmates... well ones that we remembered.. and bitched about our families and drove in severly crappy weather... which i might add, janelle, was no where to be seen when i hit the Pike. lol. of course not.

living out here and not being close to my old stomping grounds over the past 8 years has left me feeling disconnected from my old life and friends. everyone went their ways and lost touch from me. i'm anxiously awaiting my high school reunion. seeing what everyone's upto and seeing who has kids and married old classmates and stuff, some of which i learned on tues! i can't wait to see more of my old friends!

i'm drawing a mind blank.. i lost my train of thought. i'm not surprised

enjoy the awesome weather this weekend... quick before it runs away!

here's a video from april... very cute one

auntie goes boom

here's a video from our recent trip to the cape :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

WE went to the cape this past weekend to visit a friend and our family! we had a great time over tyler's new pad, and had a yummy breakfast at IHOP during our trip! here are some photos:

Follow the leader

here's james playing with toys

Evan is the one with the basket on his head. him and his aunt chrissy were playing "boo"

james laughing at something. he' s 10 months old

Evan insisted on wearing tyler's combat boots. it was very cute

evan enjoyin gpuching his aunt and cousin over

James taking some steps all by himself! watch out mama i'm on the lose!

Evan trying to walk in the boots... lol

the quality of some of the pictures is poor b/c i had to brighten them b/c the stupid flash wasn't going off or something and they were dark.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Interstate Love Song

well not really, it's neither interstate nor love, but it involves the highway and creepy people, so it fits. (and is a very good song written by stone temple pilots....)

many of you know that for my job i drive... alot... and often clear across the state (i'm on the eastside, i'm the west side.. it's not that big..(obscure reference to robinhood men in tights)) and on occasion i come across creepy men who are also driving... this has happened to me twice in my experiences of this job which i''ve had for almost 2 years now, and both of these times occured this summer. this past wednesday was one of these days. i'm driving along route 2 in the left hand lane, and on the right left is a trailor truck passing me. fine. i notice that he starting at me, and continues to do so as i drive by. not fine. i go in front of him onthe right b/c that's what you do when there's a clear strech of road.. you move over. fine. i notice the same fellow get into the left land and slowly pass me, while the entire time he's staring at me, and then when he can no longer turn his head he uses his mirrors. not fine. at this time i tell myself to ignore him.. whatever... at this point i get stuck behind someone going the speed limit.. 55... yeah it stinks..

so i go into the left lane behind said creepy man. fine. i look up into his rearview mirror (he was pulling an empty flatbed and thus had a rear window) and see that he's still looking at me. not fine. giving me the willies in fact. after passing the slow person he pulls off to the right and i attempt to pass him going 75 or so praying that i don't get pulled over but also thinking i had a good excuse... not too worried. so i'm speeding, and he's keeping up with me looking in at me the whole time, and i think he even pulled the airhorn a couple of times, but thankfully WAAF was on, and i was almost oblivious thanks to good rock music.

then i speed up more thank god there were only a few poeple on the highway that day.. and finally i pass the creep going 80 (eep!) on route 2. let me tell you it feels good leaving him in the wind behind a slow person, and knowing that his truck will have a hard time doing that on route 2! i didn't see him again. no loss really.. atleast he didn't try and signal me into the rest area like the sketchy black dude in a beater earlier that summer.

how often to men attempt to pick up women on the highway..? perhaps it was b/c i was driving a big white suburban the the state seal on it, and state plates.

do these guys think i'm stupid... not only am i not stupid enough to interact with these creeps, but I'M WORKING! i have to be somewhere and i have appointments to keep.

and honestly do i look like a hooker? besides i'm happily married with a family and i'm just not going to that.. although if i were my friend janelle from high school she would have.. she's just like that (and let me just clarify this is NOT the same janelle of "meanderings of a weary mind" there were 2 janelles at my school).

the one thing i'll say about the highways in massachusetts is that there are 2 seasons: plowing season and construction season.. either way it's hard to avoid being held up

enjoy you weekend, guys... we're off to the cape as of tomorrow when jasy done teaching. woo hoo! one of our good friends got a job in falmouth and is living in pocasset! we have a free place to stay! well atleast until april when his job should be done, in theory. i'll be back on sunday, and probably driven mad b/c i won't be able to get my blog fix.. it's getting bad.. atleast 10 times a day i'm looking at the blogs i visit, looking for updates and comments and whatnot. it's omething to do when i get bored, often doesn't take long, and well i bored alot, and unfortunatly so doesn't my son... it's been a long week. fortunately his birthday is coming up and christmas so we'll have new toys (hopefully) to keep us busy while it snows out.

wow, that was a long post

Sunday, October 16, 2005

helmet head

here's one of the latest obsessions of my almost 2-year-old.. we went to a birthday party for his friend maddy on saturday.. he wore his helmet all day.. even had to fight for him to take it off to go to bed... last night he wanted to wear his sneakers to bed, and he was screaming bloody murder over it... his sneakers are kinda clunky so it just wouldn't be comfy.... i sent jay upstairs to get the slippers we got him for christmas... he was happy, and then today, he insisted on wearing those instead of his sneaks! his slippers have a rubber sole so atleast he could wear them outside with no problem! the next year is going to be "fun" i can sense it. lol

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

oops, i did it again...

i've managed to misplace my cell phone again, so if you need me you better call the house. i had it weds, and can't recall when i used it last... oops so if you called over the weekend and i didn't get back, i'm sorry... but i'm blonde...

Saturday, October 8, 2005

easily entertained.... again

Your Personality Profile

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

the rhine stone cowboy...

here's a recent picture of evan on his new horse that he got from one of jason's collegues!

i recently discovered that verizon offers a slow dsl up 768K for only $15 a month.... we switched.. saving our selves $20 a month for internet... the fast DSL was up to 3mb, but we rearly got over 1mb, so this dsl isn't much different, it saves us money and doesn't tie up the phone line!


i'm a master mom! my first attempt at homemade play-doh was a success! i'm very proud of myself. somehow i thought i'd screw it up, but i didn't. we have alovely wad of green stuff that tastes like salt in a tupperware now.. evan and i had a good time with it and some cookie cutters for a good 15 minutes atleast. now what? now he' sleeping on the couch. we ran a couple of errands this morning for fabric for his halloween costume.. just needed one more thing, and some laundry detergent and conditioner thanks to family dollar for not ripping us off. all free & clear there is only $4.50! comparitively at stop & shop the same bottle is $6.99! and fructis shampoo and conditioner is only $3 there too.. we just switched brands a couple of months ago. fructis is alto $3 at wal-mart (won't shop there until they give their employees lunch) and at target, however both locations are over 1/2 hour away no matter which one you go to. there are atleast 3 wal-marts equi-distant from our house and only one target down in hadley. a target is s'posed to be coming to greenfield in the near future. it would be nice if we had stores open past 5:30 on any given day. the only htings open are the pharamacies, and CVS is a rip-off too.. it's amazing what these places can get away with when there's no monster chain store nearby to drive prices down.

real estate class is going well. i'm very excited for my possible new career.. altho i hear it's expensive to get into with all the dues you have to pay..

how many of you live next door to the neighborhood gossip and drama queen. ya know, linda's nice and all, but she's such the drama queen! very emotional and over-exxaggerates everything. it can be very obnoxious, but i'm polite none the less.. she is our neighbor after all...
she takes care of her 4 year-old grand daughter, and linda's son is visitng with cecil. that's fine. he just went for a bike ride with her in one of those seat things that attaches to the bike so the kid has to stare at the parents ass.. (that's right we have one too... it was free from a client) well anyway.. poor cecil apparantly doesn't have a helmet. now i know we didn't grow up with helmets and of course i still don't own one, however a small child on the back of an adults bike they have no control of (except to throw off the balance) should have a helmet.. besides it's the law that all kids under 12 have to wear one. they're not terribly expensive, and i know they're not poor. there's no reason why this girl shouldn't have one... oh well.

tyler is on his way to woods hole to look at apartments for his job that starts tuesday. poor tyler.. that's a long drive there and back for one day. might as well drive to niagara falls! not much further! hopefully he finds something soon. he only found out 2 weeks ago that he got this job, so it's not like he's being lazy about looking for places...

i have a 5-day weekend! score! and i think we're going to go to the movies on monday on our day off! we plan on seeing serenity, and from what i hear mom, it's a very good movie :)