Thursday, March 25, 2010

ahh sun.. glorious sun!

the sun is shining and the weather people are predicting decent weather today "hold it right there bucko", the sun says, "screw this, have some cold back". "oh gee thanks", I say, "it was nice knowing you and your warmth on my skin, helping my body to make it's own vitamin D".. that is how the remainder of this week is going to be played out weather wise. awesome. not. it's just about as awesome as coming down with a cold on the first day of spring when you managed to make it through flu-season-from-hell scott free. yet, the cold itself is fine, and mainly i'm just blowing my nose- it was a minor illness really, and i muddled through fairly complain free.well i have been complaining lately more about my lips that got wind burned on my walk home from the park the other day. I could feel it happening, along the same lines as you know when your going to end up with a sun burn because you can feel your self crisping up, sort of like that and it wasn't bad for a couple of days, and then BAM! lip agony ensued. for crying out loud.. I'm stronger than this, at least I should be-- I'm super-mom!! I can't let something as lame as chapped lips bring me down to a whimpering lump. But sadly the battle  has left me into a whimpering lump in constant love of a petroleum based product to soothe my lips (oh and my nose from all the nose blowing).
So I made a trip to Wally world with little dude to pick up some items, that for some reason only they carry- and then they were out of and bought 2 new lip balms.. (as the carmex from by bedside table disappeared over night)  Chapstick with the blue label- a great classic, and a fancier Blistex called "silk & shine".. I used both going between each depending on which one was within closer reach. I wake up the next morning, and man oh man my lips were swollen and I looked like one of those freak women who over imflate their lips with collagen. it felt awful and looks way dumb too.. why do women think they need this. and my lips were still chapped so it was uncomfortable. so I took a Claritin (as thanks to my last bout with poison ivy, I am allergic to Benadryl), and some Tylenol hoping that something would bring the swelling down. and it did. yay. Yesterday was fine otherwise, felt like a crossed off several items of my to do list at work before I had to head out to get Evan for his last- until his cleaning- Dentist appointment.
Awesome. you can hear my sarcasm, right? good. so Evan is fine he goes in (he was getting a spacer put in) and there were other kids in the waiting room, and then we hear the scream of death from the back. lol. poor kid. Yes it was my kid, and I could tell. the other kids look around, and the dad that was there stopped reading his National Geographic. I look up, "that's my kid.. he's getting a spacer put in.. poor kid has had a bunch of work done.. he's a trooper, really", one kid looks at me, "is he getting a filling??", "nope", I said "he had to get a tooth out a couple weeks ago because he doesn't take care of his teeth and now he is getting a spacer put in to make sure his teeth don't move until his grown up tooth comes in when he's 12. " the kid was wide-eyed and panic-stricken as another scream from the mouth of my eldest son came out from the back, "so be sure to take care of your teeth, keep them clean and brush a lot." He nodded nervously, "oh, I do.. i brush", and he turned and walked towards the dental based video gaming center (yes really).
Evan, I love him to pieces, but he suffers from an undiagnosed-by-doctor case of anxiety whenever he is out of his comfort zone. he freaks out and shuts down... cries/whimpers/whines fairly inconsolably for a long period of time. The dentist said that he shouldn't be in any actual pain, but it will feel funny for a day or so (because it's tight around his teeth) but should be fine tomorrow. okay. I thought the world was going to end. as much as i tried to comfort, console, and help him, my patience was put to the limit. Thank God It wasn't pms time because it would not have gone so well if it were, the poor kid was starving and kept wanting to try to eat something, but wouldn't close his mouth or swallow his spit so it was pooling in his mouth. he wouldn't even let me put a cloth in there to absorb it. he was cranky because he was so hungry-as I'm sure he didn't eat his lunch at lunch time like usual- so the entire evening was spent with him doing the tired cranky whiny cry noise that pieces your ears painfully like the thought of stabbing a  pencil in your eye. He wanted dad home who was at a book group, and I couldn't find my flippin' chapstick!! F*** I think I left it at work. nor could I locate any misplaced chapstick, my aquaphor, or a stray tube of A&D which i knew was useless to look for-haven't has the clear kind in eons.. so i sent the hubby a text to pick up a small tub of vaseline on his way home. and he did!! glorious Vaseline! I figured if I managed to lose a container of Vaseline, I deserved to have my lips chapped. RELIEF... ahh.. sooo soothing.. I can't remember the last time I have felt so dependent on a petroleum based product... seriously.. this is ridiculous. Things are looking up the husband is home, my face is no longer on fire, and Evan has stopeed crying!! yes! and he fell asleep just as Idol was starting.

so after idol we head up stairs and at some point during the night Evan gets some water in his system, and then I am awoken by the strange sounds of splashing water. I just assumed Evan was getting a drink out of water from the bathroom, and then I heard him throwing up.. eew. yeah. he trew up only water and managed to puke on the floor. and miss himself. not bad... i handed him a big bowl, cleaned up with a towel and e was asleep before I finished... couldn't get back to sleep. it was 12:30, the husband couldn't get back to sleep either. turned the tv on. i fell asleep eventually and then I heard him throwing up again, poor kid.. atleast it was in the bowl this time, and then he was done. back to sleep. Poor kid.. he finally gets something in his stomach, and he ends up throwing it up.

so it's a new day now, and as i get dressed I open my sock drawer to find my missing Carmex!! WIN! how the hell it managed to get in there is beyond me.. but it has menthol in it and it has that awesome cooling effect on my lips. double WIN! Evan tried to have breakfast this morning and either gets a wad of phlegm stuck in his through or a bit of bagel, and he starts crying again.. poor kid. In the end, we are home. I gave Evan the option seeing as how he got sick last night and technically he should stay home, but he agreed, and and asleep on the couch.. and I'm on the computer blogging for the first time in a while. I've been meanign to blog for several weeks now, actually.