Sunday, July 29, 2007


so.friggin.busy I feel like I've fallen off the face of the Earth.. well internet Earth that is.. so not only have I been working full-time, but many of my clients who are buying houses decided that they wanted to go out this week and weekend. friday I had a walkthrough and a closing in the morning, and later in the day I showed three houses (I played hooky from UMass), Then on saturday i was in the office until noon, ran to florence to pick up a key ran to Deerfield/Yankee Candle where I met the family, and proceeded (as a family) to my first showing for the afternoon, not far from Yankee Candle, then we drove back to northampton where we looked at 2 condos with a new client, returned the key to Florence, and then went to Amehrst to look at another condo. My cousin Kelly was supposed to stop by, but she was unable and it was okay... our house is a disaster.

today is Sunday, no huge plans for today.. that I know of I need a day off thankyouverymuch.

but tomorrow i go back to work, where i'll be heading out to Boxford, and then I'll be running home to get ready to show 3 more houses to the family i showed to on Friday, and on Tuesday I'll be at work all day and then going to Deerfield to show another condo. Thank God we're going away next weekend.. phew..

and the house still needs to be cleaned. desperately. and the laundry hasn't been put away in about amonth. and man o man i've got to get the recycling out of the kitchen.. it is overflowing, and I still have got to mail that package to my sister (sorry).. Think I'll request a pick up for monday as we speak so I don't have to go to the post office

So I haven't been purposly ignoring anyone or any internet sites (DIST mostly) and blogs I normally visit and be social with. hopefully soon life will be back to normal-ish and less crazy.

but the good news is that I've got soem buyers that wnt to put in an offer this week hopefully... the ones going monday, and the other buyer, is pretty much ready too. My co-worker who just started looking yesterday will be ready by september. so it's good.. it's not a fruitless effort like with some of the others I have gone out with.

oh and little dude loves sweet potatoes.. watch for pic and video update shortly. he gobbled up more than half of the jar! he could care less about the rice cereal. (and honestly I don't blame him)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

we went to beach, and I don't mean the river or a lake!

So yesterday morning, we're sitting in the living room reading, when out of the blue the husband says, "Let's go to the beach",
me: "well I was planning on heading over to the river later",
him: "no, I mean the ocean".... what?!
me: "but it's so far away"
him: "where's you're sense of adventure?"
I point at the kids.. "gone"

so about 5 minutes go by, and I say "Let's go tot he beach!" so we decide to head to hampton beach in NH. we call around to people to see if anyone wants to go. perfect. Trevor is coming with!

The weather was absolutely perfect! and the kids we amazingly good in the car. Evan had a blast, and even the baby seemed to enjoy himself! of course Jay doesn't really take pictures, so I grabbed a couple, which I'll download and add when I get to the other computer. we left at like noon and didn't make it home until 10-something. but we took the long way home on 101 in NH, and had dinner in Keene. it was about 2.5 hours there. arrived at 2:30 ish. We
spent atleast 2 hours at the beach, and then headed back. Man I sure miss living close to the beach, especially one is warmer, and you don't have to get out b/c your numb (atleast at this point in the summer).

maybe today we'll head over the the river for swimming or something. who knows.

speaking of the river, I took evan swimming there on friday after work. Jay was exhausted, and the baby was sleeping, so it was just me and the Evster. While we were having a good time in the water, and little boy, about 2 years old, goes up to our stuff at the beach and started playing with evan's toys. I look around, no parents in sight? wtf? it wasn't a big deal that he came over to play, but where were his parents. Then the lifeguard goes over and tries to tell him that they belong to us, but he still wanted to play. So i asked Evan if he wanted to go play in the sand with that little boy and he said okay.

I ask the lifeguard where his parents are, she shruged and said, "He doesn't speak English". um, ok. So here is when I bust out my Spanish, "Adonde estan tu Mama o Papa?" his response, "el carro" and points to the car at the end of the row about 50 feet away. I said to the lifeguard that he says his parents are in the car, and she said she hadn't seem them in over an hour. I look over and sure enough there were some people in the car, but who really knew if they were his parents or not. So we play for a while in the sand, and I keep looking over at the car, they're not even watching, and I see them playing with the baby. I"m getting annoyed at point. but then his older siblings came over to play too. The little boy's name is Michael. They were supposed to be watching him. ahh. Even so, if they were supposed to be watching him, then watch him, don't be down the other side of the beach. and the oldest was about 11 or so. It made me angry. You just don't leave a 2 year old to himself at the beach. But I felt like it wasn't my place to go over and bitch at the parents because the lifeguard didn't say anything to them... And my spanish was not even close to good enough to start up a conversation about how they should leave their 2-year-old near the water. Especially without a life jacket on the kid. Especially after knowing someone who just lost his son b/c he drowned at a public facility during a lifeguard change.

The poor kids diaper had fallen off too. and he was trying to hold it on, when I had come out of the water the first time. It was full of water, poor kid. "panales?" (you'll have to excuse my lack of tildas, can't figure out how to get them in blogger) he nods,"si". so I helped him. He went diaperless from there on out, but he did have shorts on..
All I could think was, ' I wish i knew how to speak better Spanish so I could tell them to watch their child'.. but wait shouldn't they learn how speak English? The older kids spoke English too, so atleast I could talk with them, but how careless of the parents to leave their 2-year old who doesn't speak English at the river without anyone really watching him. I called jay, and bitched at him. looking back I wish i had gone over, but I when I left all the kids were playing with each other, and he was being watched. he wasn't going in the water at all... Jay wondered if it was the same little boy we saw on a past trip to the river that was playing by himself off by the dam. I said I didn't know. The lifeguard of all people should've gone over to tell the parents they needed to be out on the beach. does the town not have a rule about adult supervision for kids under a certain age? gah! had i known more spanish I would've gone over. That was really the thing that was holding be back. sometimes i wish i had balls.

ok i'm done.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm a hobbling disaster area

so i got poison ivy a couple weeks ago, and i was treating it with some Benadryl cream 2% of whatever drug it is that i can't pronounce. and it seemed to be doing the trick to kill the itch. however i'm pretty sure that i had an allergic reaction to BENADRYL (wtf?!) because it got all red and splotchy. I just thought it was the poison ivy getting worse, ya know, like poison ivy does. and then i realized i wasn't having the same reaction to poison ivy this time that i had in the past.. no blistering or oozing, so i called my sister who has psoriasis, and asked her what she thought (because now it' all dry and scaley looking), and she didn't think so, b/c of it's location. so i did some hunting online for pictures, and it looks like it's contact dermatitis.. aka an allergic reation rash. great. so now i'm doing hydrocortizone 1%, and it's happy and looking alot less red now.

to top it off yesterday while i was home with the kids my monster feet got out of control and i kicked the highchair with my little toe. it f-ing hurt! and now it's all purple and stuff. I think i broke it.. it seems to have a mind of it's own when i walk. i need to tape it.

i'll post pictures when i get home from work. that's right. i'm working.

ok i'm done.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

it just ain't right..

i think i might have to give the baby a haircut soon.. it's just past his eyebrows! (he's only 4 months old!)

our party

we had a party yesterday.. everyone got loaded.

i made my famous teriyaki steak and cabbage salad (aka coleslaw but vinegar based, no mayo) and spicy rice and kale.. everyone loved it. we had to make a drunken run to to store for desserts. thnkfully the store is only a block away.; we had enough salds to chock a horse! it was all really good though

3 or 4 games of horseshoes were played. by the time croquet was requested it was starting to get dark, and poor becky set it up b/c she really wanted to play, but i think most people were to drunk to get up. hahaha. I was holding the baby and wanted to play too but i wanted to get the baby asleep first so instead of playing croquet or Munchkin, we watched the fire for many, many hours

jay woke up with an upset stomach. not me though.. i ended up forgetting to have more daiquari's