Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mr. Evan's school picture!!

came out Great!! I was so excited to see that it came today! don't worry, mom I've got one here with your name on it for when you come visit!


I updated parts of my blog today.. instead of a stagnant photo of me at the top, I embeded a slideshow of selct pictures from my web album.

I also updated my links. may I direct you to my Real Estate page that I created. visit it, and tell me what you think. It's basic, and it was created using google page creator. It looks nice and I hope somebody will find it useful :) know anyone? send them there.

I also deleted the links to peoples blog that I don't really read on a regular basis. No offense to those who I deleted. I'm just busy, and don't get to read them.

also very important:
the writers deserve theri money! Give it to them God damn it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Poor evan. he was excited all day for his party, and then it was finally here. Evan picked up the present that Cecile brought, and then she said "That's mine".. meaning that, that was the gift she brought. a couple minutes later Evan got really upset.. he was just a bear for pretty much the entire party.. he stormed up to his room a few times. when it was present time, I went up to his room where he was all huffy, and asked him if he wanted to open them up and he said no, and then I said "are you sure?" and then he said "but everyone already just opened them, but I want to open them". ooh.. so that's why he was upset.. he thought the other kids were going to open up his presents. so I explained that no one opened the presents and that earlier Cecile was just saying that gift was the one she brought for him. and then he was prefectly fine after that..

we made caramel apples, played pin the badge on the firedog's hat, had a pinata, and cake and ice cream.. jays says, "man I never had parties like this", and I said.. "me neither" atleast that I could rememeber.

I remember always being jealous of Christine b/c she ALWAYS got invited to birthday parties. my first ever Birthday invite (from someone at school) was when I was in the 2nd grade. It was from Josh. it was a great party.. he had pony rides. (then christine was jealous of me! ha!) I had a great time.. then we were best friends for many years until he moved away thanks to Hurricane Bob destroying his house.

I also remember being jealous of Christine because she (and kristen too) always got bunches of money for their birthdays from family (like $50) and I was always *lucky* to get $10. I was always grateful for my gifts, but secretly angry b/c it was so unfair. and it wasn't just one year... it was EVERY year, I think except for one.

oh wait.. this is supposed to be about Evan's Birthday, not mine.. so anywho.. he was fine after he realized no one opened his presents. and a couple hours later was the family party.. he had a great time here.. got lots of kool toys.. some of which the grown ups had fun playing with. he got an awesome pirate ship for Jeff & Becky, the marble thing from Grammy and Mike, and a knight dress up set from Trev, and some Diego toys and pants from Mimi and Grandpa.. and from us he got new shoes and a "laughtop".. he also got some interesting toys from all his friends.

Friday, November 2, 2007

how are you all? I have this bad habit of not posting. Sorry about that... This past month has been going well. The cat is doing good. she's got a follow up appointment next week. the vet had said she was a under weight so I've been feeding her kitten food trying to pork her up. not sure if it's worked, but I guess we'll find out.. getting herself locked in the attic for about 2 days sure didn't help my efforts though. (oops)

the family is finally feeling better after a rough few weeks with some nasty bug, that kicked everyone in the house on their asses.. except me.. I didn't get it. after it was all said and done, though, I woke up last friday with an earache. It hurt and I couldn't focus on anything! I went to the doctor's and got eardrops.. it worked apparantly.. my ear is now fine.

Anybody else still not sure who the hell their going to vote for for president. Let me just say that I tend to vote Democrat, but I'm on the progressive side of the spectrum. I listen to left-wing radio shows in the car.. (the Disney Channel has left me unable to watch news at home when the kids are around) I listen to the local AM station that has local news in the morning, and then switches to syndicated radio shows. I like it. It makes me feel informed.

After watching SiCKO my biggest thing I want to hear about in a candidate (besides teh Iraq fiasco) is what their plans are regarding health insurance. I like Kucinich's idea of Medicare for all. His plan is to phase it in over 3 years. The only other plan that I've heard talked about (not to say that others haven't been, I jsut haven't heard it) is Hillary's plan... which I absolutely DON'T support! it's pretty much teh same crap that we have going on here in Massachusetts.. where insurance will be required, and if you can't get it through you're employer you can purchase certain plans from the state from a sliding scale for fees. This is a good idea... IN THEORY!.. and of course Fmr. Gov Romney implemented this plan... let's get him and Hillary to live on say 19K a year.. and busting their ass working to do so at a industrial or manufacturing job.. and let's make them live in an area where the cost of living is fairly high.. where the median income is about 35k-40k.. let's watch them see how they pay their bills, rent, and food, and just for fun let's make them HAVE to pay for the health insurance they can't afford.. even with the sliding scale.. ha.. they would never do that, yet they expect many in our lovely state to do just this, and now Hillary wants the country to have battle this too! that's Crap and it makes me angry. It makes me angier that the media is not talking about this in regards to Romney, and to Hillary..

but at the same time, I think she'll be an okay president if it weren't for this healthcare crap. *sigh*.. atleast by the time elections come around here to MA many will have dropped out of the race and I won't have as many candidates to choose from.

and while I've got yor attention on pres candidates.. why hasn't the media gotten Romney to explain why when he left our great commonwealth, why she swore up and down that he was leaving us in $2 million (or there abouts) in a surplus when it was really in fact, a $2 million DEFICIT (or there abouts) that gave a new Gov a run for his money, and gave him a rough start in office.. (of course there is always the office furnishings and the new car)