Thursday, December 28, 2006

ok kiddo... time to flip around.

so i had a doctor's appt this morning. my little dude is still in breech postition. i'm not happy about this. if he doesn't get his ass in gear and flip around it looks like i might have to have a c-section. not that there's anything particularly wrong with a c-section itself, but i don't want to have to go through the recovery of the surgery. i've never had surgery. i'd like to keep it that way. from what i understand recovery form a c-section takes many, many weeks.. and you pretty much can't do a damned thing that may in any way put stress on your body. i can only assume this includes most activites involving my 3 year old... like for instance.. getting up and down on the floor to play or even picking him up... he weighs in over 40 lbs these days! and most mornings i have to carry him downstairs to wake up before daycare. he's still little, and still requires to be carried on occasion.. when sleeping, or just for comfort, and the poor little guy won't understand why i won't be able to carry him, and getting ready in the mornings will be a disaster seeing as how he'll still be going to daycare while i'm on maternity leave. even if he doens't go.. we still have to pay b/c that's the way daycare works, so we might as well have him go. and i don't want to stray too much from our routine, such as letting him sleep in for those 6 weeks.. will screw us all up.. this kid doesn't adjust well to the time change.. gets all out of whack, so we need to stay as normal as possible.

so needless to say the CNM suggested two weeks ago to to the "breech tilts" or whatever which involves getting on my knees, and my head on a pillow.. i tried it that first day and all the blood rushed to my head in aboput 30 seconds, and was just downright painful in the face.. lol.. i know sounds funny, but it's true. so i didn't do it again that day.. and well forgot about it for the two weeks.. between working and dealing with Christmas stuff, i completely forgot about. so now i have to do it twice a day for 20 mins at a whack. great.. but i'll do it b/c i don't want a c-section unless i have to.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

a rant.

i'm still itchy all over my belly and now my forearms. the doctor said it looked like hives and to take benadryl, or use the lotion if i wnat to avoid beign sleepy. i can't figure out what i'm allergic to. i dont' have allergies. but i did expect to develop some after evan was born.. well i guess i deveoped one this time around. the weird thing is, is that i haven't eaten or used anything that is new to me, so i'm having a hard time trying to figure out what causing all these little itchy bumps. i've had them for over a week now. i htink it may be the name brand tums or soemthing.. i've always consumed the generic ones, but jay bought some real ones at the grocery store for me recently when i was running low. who knows, so i'm going to try and remember to pick up some rolaids instead.

evan woke up at 1:15 or so this morning wide eyed and bushy tailed... great. he didn't fall back asleep until 6 this morning.. yeah so me and jay are working today on about 2 hours of sleep. woo. i bet you hear the excitement. the good news is that we got all of the Christmas presents wrapped last night, and i did jay's this morning after he left for work.. why not the kid was asleep and i had an hour to kill. still haven't shipped the package out that's going to the cape. hopefully today or tomorrow. we're hunting for a box that's big enough for our nephews present. apparantly my sister bought our son an electronic drum set. ha. whatever...

got to drag the kid out the door and into the car while he' s sound aleep now. thank god for global warming so i don't have to weasel him into a coat in the process. and my regular coat won't really zip any more either so thank god it's still prety warm out until i find one that will fit around my monster gut. i refuse to pay alot of money for a coat i only plan to wear for a couple of months.

enjoy your day.. i hope to take a nap when i get home, as long as i don't accidentally fall asleep driving to sutton and charlton today.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


third trimester has begun.. it bagn a couple of weeks ago actually, but i'm not good at updating, so suck it up. my belly is definatly bigger, and i complain baout being fat.. although that usually happens when i need to bend over to pick something up ot squeeze by someone and can't fit. lol. at my last dr's appointment i had gained 2 lbs in the past month and 2 cm of belly. my stomach has becoem super itchy this past week. it's annoying.. it the type of itchy you get when you have dry skin, only i dont' have dry skin on my belly b/c i lotion the damn thing all the time hoping to cut down on any more strech marks. i go to the doc's again on weds.. we're into the every 2 weeks for appoints time. holy cow! where has the time gone. the baby's room is full of wine making crap right now.. we got 2 aging in the carboys.. a shiraz and a riesling. we have sooooo much wine in our basement like about 100 bottles... probably more... if not now then definately after we bottle the 2 batches that are up in the baby's room. yeah.. we're lazy about it this one. not even the crib is up. whatever. we were waiting until after christmas to do all that stuff.

speaking of which we just had our christmas party last night.. it was a hit.. everyone, but me, got loaded... it was pretty funny. and because we had the party our downstairs is pretty damn clean if i say so myself! we tend to have alot of clutter simply b/c we don't have any drawers to anythign to put stuff in, we've been looking at getting a cabinet thing with drawers for the kichen and a smaller sized draer chest for the dining room... but we have no extra money for that so... we're just looking and not buying. such is life i guess.

one of our friends, and older man in his 50's, called me "eureka" last night, and it made me smile and brought on immediate memories of being called that as a child from my great uncles, and grandfather. i still have an uncle that calls me that once in a blue moon, but that's old hat.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

You know you're from Wareham if...

You know you are from Wareham if...

You went to a boys and girls club dance
You have been in Mr. Jordan's office
You have waited 2 hours to get a haircut from Mike&Al's
You skipped study and went to Charlie's for pizza
You have ridden the slick-track at go-cart land
You've jumped off stone bridge and almost hit a boat.
You think people that have never seen a cranberry bog are blind or crazy.
You can point out Tesno, Shang-hi, and Swifts, without them showing up on any map.
You played Wareham Youth Soccer, JBA, Tigers, Little League, or just took gym class too seriously
Bob Perry was your ice cream man before he opened the stand
You have ridden the OWL.
You remember the Tunnel under the middle school
You went to the middle school before the renovation
At least once a day growing up you drove on Rt. 6, Glen Charlie rd., Cranberry hwy, Minot Ave, Onset Ave, or Sandwich Rd.
You have had hot dogs from the Mill Pond Diner gas station.
JBA shorts were a part of your wardrobe.
JBA shorts are still a part of your wardrobe.
Wheelbarrel and buffer are actually words…with meanings.
You wondered exactly what it was Mr. Oliver actually taught.
You participated in the DARE program.
The DARE program failed you.
You have referred to your hometown as "the Ham"
You get pissed off when out-of-towners refer to it as Ware"um"
You played basketball at the courts in the center of town.
You have referred to bike cops as rent-a-cops.
The Wareham 500 actually counts as something to do.
You have been to the x-mas parade for the candy.
You have been in the x-mas parade.
You know Gina Davis' hometown
You still remember REACH and BLONDFACES from 7th grade science with Lipof
You know of Eddie Mumbles and Crazy Walter
You went to Minot Forest or Decas
You remember the yearly bonfires
You remember the movie theatre in Buzzard's Bay
You used to go to the movie theatre in Buzzard's Bay
You were a member of team auriga, pheonix, cepheus or some other constellation in middle school
You had a moral obligation to jump rope for heart
You refer to Wareham as being on the cape even when it isn't.
Field day was the greatest day ever
You know someone who won the lottery or went broke trying.
You trick-or-treated 5 years past your prime.
Every year you went home with a letter saying you are exposed to asbestos but don't worry
You remember the Smurphs on the wall of the gym at minot
You remember before there was a Wal-Mart
You worked at Water-Wizz.
You graduated at night.
You still live there!
considered yourself part of tesno crew.
visited the hill in onset for a lil smoke session