Friday, March 24, 2006

my 1 complaint

about blogger...

i have it set to email me when people post comments. but it never does... wait... it does but only for one specific person. so i often find myself having to look a tmy own page to see if people comment. it's always done this to me... very bizarre, but annoying. and if you comment on an older post there's a very good chance i'll never see it b/c of that stupid problem...

what's your beef with blogger?

too funny

evan's favorite food right now is the fluffernutter! he gets so excited he starts jumping up and down... he can't have enough! lol

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hometown characters

i've been meaning to post this for a little while now, but my brain failed me once again, and i forgot about it until yesterday, until i saw the "bag lady"....

around here we have the "bag lady". she's a woman probably in her 40's or 50's who does nothing other than ride her bike all over Gfield and neighboring TF. she carries on said bike grocery bags full of plastic grocery bags, her bike is wrapped up in grocery bags, and it even looks like she's wrapped up in them too... altho it coul dbe one of those tyvek (house wrap) style warm-up suits held together with duck tape. i've never had a conversation with this woman, and i've never actually seen her not riding her bike. but she makes me curious none the less. she's a smart biker and stays on the side of the road...

which reminds me of growing up in the 'Ham. there he was good ol' "crazy walter". i wonder if he's still around. he too would always be on his bike looking up into the sky. he wasn't all there, and from what i understand was a resident at the home for people with mental issues. i remember one particular incedent with walter. every saturday mom and i would go to the laundrymat over by the A&P (now cvs) and the mr.donut (now DD)and while the clothes were in the wash we woul dhead over and treat ourselves to donuts... christine never got any b/c she never came... she was mean back then.. but i digress... crazy walter had come in, and i ran to the bathroom quick and upon my return and sitting back down someone noticed, it could've been me for all i know, that the trashcan (behind mom and i) was smoking... i dont' remember much after that, but i do recall that walter was at blame for disposing his cigarette in the trash. i can't remember if he was nice or mean, but he was always hanging out outside the laundrymat staring inside... looking at the people. it was kinda freaky but we were used to it... it's all he did for years.

we also has "eddie mumbles". he walked... and in the winter had a purple coat... quite amusing. anyhow. he got his name b/c it was very hard to understand this man when he spoke... he mumbled.. it was bad. there were rumors that if you gave him some money he would talk normal for you, but i never gave him money. this guy was mean. he would often roam around uptown, and myself also powered by my feet and no car would often see him on the street. i was outside the post office once, and he said something mean to me.. that's is no more nice erica. i don't remember much of that altercation. but i do remember once on my way to school when i was about 12 or so, he spit on the bus. we were making the left onto minot ave, and he was standing on one of the island in the middle of the road, and he spit on us... and that was the excitment for the rest of the day, if not longer. it was one of those things that went into the memory hall of fame... like when our bus driver sally hit that car turning onto onset ave... it may have been her fault but in her defense, people are always wizzing by and it's hard to see if anyone's coming. (east blvd & onset ave). but then again she was known by everyone that she was very fond of her friend, the bottle.

what kind of characters do you have roaming the streets where you live? or if your familiar with any of mine you can talk about them. whatever. i'm not picky

Friday, March 17, 2006

herb tagged me to write 6 weird things about myself, so here it goes:

The rules are, once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 6 weird things/habits about yourself. In the end you need to list 6 other people to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment saying "You've been tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog...

1. i have this odd need to leave the house every evening, for no reason... drive around town walk around the store. whatever. atleast with summer coming we can go for walks.

2.i'm too indecisive for my own good... i just often don't have a preference.

3.i'm not a fan of my 4 year-old neighbor, so i sometimes make up reasons why she can't come and play with me son

4.i don't like to unload the dishwasher "i had to have" when we fixed up the kitchen

5.i like to play d&d short term memory sucks

i tag christine, tanya, don, mort, brynn, and mary.

Monday, March 13, 2006

life's been crazy around here

so the past week has been full of exciting things.. good and gross. first off the weather on saturday was fantabulous, altho i didn't see certain neighbors outside. good news for ya T.... linda (aka loud neighbor between our houses) says that cecil will be living with her parents starting july, so no we won't have her around much longer. i'm only sad a little bit b/c evan likes to play with her, but i'm glad at the same time because she only plays with him when no one else is available... besides she's loud and very bossy. and linda says that if you see patrick riding in places he's not supposed to, such as your lawn, tell him to stop... we got the okay to put him in his place!
oh and those stupid dogs... they've moved to northfield, apparantly...

on saturday we went to home depot and bought wood and built ourselves a really basic swing set... came out pretty good if i do say so myself... of course we finished it at 6:30 and it's been raining for the past 2 days so poor evan hasn't been ablt to use it much. but we're happy with it. i also took advantage of the super soggy lawn and scraped up some grass around my garden to make it bigger.

T. had mentioned on her blog recently about how her cat likes to bring them furry surprises... well, on saturday night i moved the laundry basket in our bedroom to do some laundry and we discovered a half eaten mouse.. quite gross... i think the cat brought it in the night before when i let her in, and i couldn't see if anything was in her mouth because the light was off... thanks caelan... really.. we needed that LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD!

daycare cancelled for tomorrow because she has the flu... that sucks, now i'v got to reschedule b/c evan's sitters are unavailable.... i hate rescheduling appts. but it's okay i've already made a possible playdate!

i can't wait for the warm weather to continue... the worst part about spring in greenfield is waiting for mud season to finish up.. i was an inch deep in mud yesterday while in the garden.

so some of you know that we've been having issues with our PC... it' s been a couple months now that it hasn't been running. we've replaced many of the innards.. including the motherboard and hard drive. we first got a new motherboard and the puter was still being stupid.. couldn't figure it out... so we gave up after many weeks and brought it to a place... they said it was the hard drive.. okay, so we got a new hard drive... we still couldn't get it to work... trying installing windows several times, tried everything we could thing of and it still wasn't working... so we brought it to the computer place on campus.. good ol' trusty OIT as UMass... a week later (today) we get a call... your mother board is bad and it'll cost $239 to fix... i was the one on the phone.. "what?! that is a brand new motherboard! we just bought it!" so after hanging up and calling the husband to discuss, we determined to not have them fix it, and we'll return the motherboard... so needless to say we're not happy about it,but atleast the diagnoses will only cost $40, not $239. someday we'll have teh pc up and running, and not having to rely on the laptop for all our home computer needs... not that' it's bad, but it's principle really.

hope everyone stays warm, and out of the way of tornadoes!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

music to my ears!

i feel like a new person.... i got some new cd's for the first time in years! yes.. i said

i got audioslave- out of exile, staind- chapter V, and nickleback- all the right reasons. their all great and of course there are more i'd like, like theory of a deadman, shinedown and green day... to name a few.

things here are still good... the weather is finally giving us a break.. being all sunny and warm(ish) and stuff... i've been driving with my windows down! i just love it when it gets above 35! lol... when the temps get to above 50 on a regular basis, i break out my sandals... which may just be my teva flip flops left over from last summer until i get some new ones or a job that requires i wear clothes and shoes that are more than the casual ones i've been wearing for years.

i'm also thinking about getting a season pass to the greenfield swimming hole for me and evan this summer for my days off i have with him... i just wonder how much they are. swimming in pools is nice and all but it's not the same as swimming in a body of water... of course we don't have beaches with oceans out here, which is my preferred locale b/c i grew up at the beach, but we have rivers and ponds and stuff which are the next best thing you can get... only their wicked cold out here thanks to underwater springs and whatnot, such as at puffers pond in amherst... perhaps i'll go there this summer... that's atleast free to park! the greenfield swimming area is a river they dam up, and it's got play equipment made out of you think they'd update it with the plastic thing-a-ma-jigs they have now that aren't the ancient things that people my age grew up playing on... update for crying out loud!

at my recent jaunt to the cape i was talking with my sister about the "big park" aka lopes field while we and the babes were playing at the "little park" aka hammond school.... she mentioned how it's a dump and rundown.. god.. it's hard to believe it was built 20 years ago!... that's right.. i remember when i was in teh first grade they sat us all down and asked us what type of things we'd like to see there, and then in the second grade it was built.. i remember walking down there with the class for a mini-field trip.. everyone had a ball... i remember i needed to use the bathroom and the only place was the good ol' Onset Pub across the street.. lol... those stalls were the tiniest things known to man.... your knees hit the door while you were on the throne... and this is coming from the memory of someone who was 7 at the time... talk about tight quarters! lol

okay i best get back to work, for i am typing at work. talk to you all later

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

i've been tagged!

Five Questions

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

i was in the middle of competition season for cologuard... we kicked ass back then too

2. What were you doing one year ago?

same as now pretty much, only with a baby and not a actual kid, yet... lol

3. Five Snacks I Enjoy

dried fruit
french fries..
almost any other food..

4. Five Songs to Which I Know All the Lyrics

byob by system of a down
smooth by santana
the muppet show theme song
stricken by disturbed
save me by theory of a deadman (i think)

5. Five Things I'd Do if I Were a Millionaire

pay off debts including but cars and house and credit cards and student loans
by houses for my mom and sister
buy wicketts island in onset bay
sit on some of it for a "rainy day"
send some to charity and/or church

6. Five Bad Habits

nail biting
being indecisive
not cleaning enough... b/c i get sick of it easily
watching too much tv.. often it's just for background

7. Five Things I like Doing

Being with my husband and son
reading my favorite author
talking online

8. FIve things I would never wear
thongs... they're uncomfy... and no, not the flip flops... i'm talking underwear
clothes for the sole purpose of letting things hang out... like fat and boobs, that many people are wearing these days.
stilettos.. i'm just clumsy... and i'd probab.y poke my eye out when i fell
head bands.. lol
the banana` clip... remember these.. i wore them when i was a kid.. but not ever now!

9. Five Favorite Toys
sewing machine
cell phone

10. Okay, here's the deal. Remove the blog from the top of the list and bump everyone up. Then, put yours at the bottom.

Just for Future Reference
Southern Circle of Hell
Newsbitch Chronicles
The T Stop
in the mind of a mom

(I don't know what the point was of that since they weren't linked and I don't know how to get to those blogs).

here's who i tag: