Tuesday, August 24, 2010

want to win some stuff?!

Who doesn't right?? Well.. I am an avid reader of HookedOnNeedles.com and she is celebrating her 600th post with giveaways of stuff that she has made. I love her stuff!
Enter the contest if you wish you can find it here http://www.hookedonneedles.com/2010/08/600-posts-time-to-celebrate.html or visit her via the link on my sidebar ---------->
And I am so awesome that I get an entry just for helping her promote the contest! sweeeeeeeeeeeeet..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garden visitors from this week

We have been getting some beautiful visitors to our house the last couple of weeks. We've also had a hummingbird, but i didn't get the camera in time. The poor yellow one, has a torn wing :(
Then there is this little moth critter thing pictured below. anyone know what it is? and of course 1 of our 2 frequenting monarchs.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Holy Hot Summer

Let's see.. it's august and I haven't blogged since Memorial Day. See what getting old does to a person?? They get all busy and forgetful. So much has happened and I meant to blog about it, but I got lazy.. Oh my.. I'm making excuses to my own blog why I haven't blogged. I'm a wee bit pathetic. Whatever. I own you.. mwa ha ha ha...

Anyway. We have had a crazy hot summer out there. Last year I feel like it never got hot, not a single heat wave. We've had a couple now I think and the major one temps were over 100! Thankfully for us we happened to be in Maine that week up in a small down called New Harbor. We enjoyed the beach on many occasions and spent a day up in Acadia National Park. If you have never been there I suggest you go. it's beautiful. The first 3 pictures here are from that trip. on the way back we stopped to visit my aunt Barb in Northport and had a nice visit!

Our vacation in Maine was in the Mid-coast region- which meant for us a 4-5 hour drive. It brought back memories of driving 8 hours to Millinocket crammed in a car with a shoehorn between my aunt and mother in the front seat. I remember being told I got that lucky spot because I had the skinniest butt. Thanks.
So anyway, There was a light house at the southern tip of the peninsula we were on (about a 5 minute drive). It happens to be the one featured on the Maine state Quarter. It is the Pemaquid lighthouse. if you visit here be fore warned. the place is loaded with poison ivy. I am the only fool who managed to get it.. thankfully just a couple spots, but Goddamnit, it was on my toes-very annoying. Oh! and the geology here was fascinating! take a look at the rocks view from the ledge sticking out in the ocean.. that's right, just behind Jason who was taking this picture was the open ocean!

ok. what else... um.  Oh! I have started my own business with the Pampered Chef! Which, btw, I'm very excited about. It actually is fun, and is nice to get out and socialize (not to mention earn some money too at the same time) I just had my second show yesterday, and when it cam to question time one person asked "when did you get started?" I said, "June", and they were all surprised because they all thought that I had been expecting an answer like 5 years, atleast. then I added that this was only my second show, and they were even more surprised! I received compliments liket hat at my first show with my mother in law as well. So I guess I'm good at it. Oh and I have to disclose that I'm an Independent Consultant, so you, my loyal readers don't' think that I work at the corporate office out in Chicago. and what would be a blog without a shameless plug for myself, right? (I will travel for shows!) If you are at all interested in the company or having a show please call or email me, or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Like my pictures? I took them myself :)

The kids have been enjoying a fun filled summer including swimming, terrorizing their dad, and being lazy, as it has been bloody hot and humid this year. time outside has been mostly mornings and evenings. Both boys have learned to ride bikes earlier this season. Liam his Diego trike and Evan without training wheels. I was quite the Proud mama, as they both mastered bike riding the same say. And I just realized I have no photos of this! Must be fixed. I will get on it. I have noticed that I have not taken so many photos this year as I have in years past. I am keeping myself occupied with PTO things and now Pampered Chef, on top of working during the day and being a mom. i'd rather be busy than bored any day.

I'm am going to stop writing for now, hopefully I will remember to post more frequently as to keep all 3 of you updated. more photos can be found on my web album  if you feel so inclined to check it out.
Until next time- have a great summer!