Wednesday, November 30, 2005

how YOU doin'?

lets start this post on a "lighter" note... hahahaha... it' s hilarous... check it out... but only if you can handle sick humor...

i'm in the process of uploading some little videos from turkey day onto google... hopefully they'll be able to verify them in a timely manner unlike last time, so people can see my crazy, yet loveable family :) ok, so it's just babies, and my aunt jane playing evan... i don't know why but i often get her on video playing with the babies.... i think she's desperatly waiting for some grandbabies :)

evan's asleep in the car out in the driveway.. i can totally see him through the window... he's fine, and it's pretty warm out so i'm not worried.

so i found out today that i need to get my tooth pulled... bummer.. in all honesty, i'm not that upset, but just not looking forward to it... who looks forward to a tooth pulling anyway.. (mom, you don't count) it's just a baby tooth anyway.. it's not s'possed to last until the age of 25 anyhow.... it's a miracle it's lasted this long.. yeah.. i had to baby teeth that never got replaced with adult teeth when they were s'possed to... the other one got pulled out 2 years ago now, while i was pregnant in fact

it's great to hear from old friends again... a bunch of us old fogies from wareham high have signed up on myspace, and have been emailing back and forth... it's been fantastic getting back in touch aftger all these years... most of us have babies now, and it just reminds me how old and grown up we're all getting. don't get me wrong.. i love being all grown up with my own family and my own life, but there's nothing like talking with your old pals after years of losing touch, to catch up, to see who has babies, to see who's gay/lesbian (and there's quite a few!).. ya know.. to see how things are going.

life otherwise has been treating me well. we had a great thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house.. i put up a few of the pictures and one of teh snow we had! i'm not talkin gflurries either... we had a down right snow storm... it's not even december yet!!! that's ok... as long as it's not bitter cold, it' ok... and as lond as i don't have to drive... it definately sucks to drive in snow, especially across our dear ol' state....

i must sign off now.. for dinner beckons...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

what's this?? a blog with words in it?

hi all.. i'll admit i've been a lazy blogger the past several weeks. i'll apologize.. i've been hooked to chatting online... but that's another story.

can you believe that thanksgiving is less than 2 days...? not me.. can't wait really. i'll be seeing some family for the first time since my cousins wedding last summer... i'm very excited.. but i'm also very bummed that my family in florida can't make it up... but i'm not surprised either b/c the price of tickets has skyrocketed thanks to the fuel prices. some day we'll see thema again.. perhaps we'll make a road trip when evan is older.

i'd also like to wish myself a happy anniversary... i've been blogging for 1 year this month!! wow.. one year of my thoughts on the web.. and.. people read them. who knew that i was this interesting considering how much i ramble on about nothing.. often my life is duller than an episode of seinfeld... i love the show, don't get me wrong, but my days just aren't as funny as jerry's... it's just not, and i can't help it...

i'd talk about politics, but i don't know where to begin... i haven't really watched the news today or listened to the radio... but if your interested you can go to air america radio online...
they make some very good points.. but i must say, i'm biased, i'm liberal.

i did hear however that gm is laying off more workers... what are these people going to do with out the factory jobs there....that's just too many people in one area to find jobs that don't exist thanks to mr. bush. i'm very glad i don't live there b/c life is going to royally suck for these people in no time. did any of you guys ever see roger & me.. i watched in a politics class i took in college for a gen ed.. it was amazing.. and quite scary.. it was a michael moore film, and we all know how he likes to expose crappy people and their nastiness to the public.

i'm not sure what to say now.. i think i must be done. i'm sure i'll have soemthing interesting to say after thanksgiving.. until then

gobble gobble

Thursday, November 17, 2005

more cute movies

here are a couple more cute movies i put up and forgot about b/c google was being slow with the verification

Evan likes to dust

Evan and Geramy play in the pool

wiffle ball, lesson 1: pitching

these of course, aren't very recent. but are some of my favorite quickie movies... enjoy and pass the links along

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

birthday photos round 2

here's some pictures from the party last weekend
the first 2 really belong at the end, but i didn't feel like moving them. that's right.. i'm lazy.

before song....
after he blew out his candle all by himself!

the following pictures are of him opening presents... self explanatory, not requiring captions!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

oh the joys of home ownership

ugh... look at all these leaves! and look how much more still have to come down.... th epictures don't do it justice... atleast the front yeard is very much done thanks the pumpkin trashbags for halloween...oh and raking them onto the garden for the winter. they make great compost for the garden... atleast this year i had a garden in the back yard i can cover up. sweet... less lifting barrells of leaves over the fence behind teh shed like we did last year evan is alseep in the car now would be a great time to work on those leaves... which i will i swear.... once i finish looking at blogs..... right.... i can make that last forever. atleast it's not raining.. and thankfully we live in
a area that is not prone to tornadoes.. the poor midwest... they were sleeping... so sad.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

birthday photos!

here are the pictures from evan's party today. brace yourself there are quite a few in the post.

caitlin the lady bug. she was very cute. i think i spelt her name wrong... sorry about that paula

here's evan in the costume that i made... of course he's not wearing the hood and hat which would help in his look to be a scarecrow.

miss ladybug want to play with teh new play-doh set! who doesn't!

Geramy is the cow and Isaac is the bee... they were mesmerized by the baby einstein video evan turned on.. that's right folks, he knows how all by himself!

me helping with "pin the leaf to the tree"... the got colored blue. it was supposed to be pin teh stem on the pumpkin, but seeing as how halloween has passed.. i changed the game a bit. the only dry leaves were teh ones that were stranded on the front porch.

here's all the kids in one shot

cutie pa-tootie geramy

the zombie Isaac.

the zombie Geramy

geramy again.

mid play picture

poor isaac was glued to the video. lol it was very cute

i do have more pictures, but these were the best ones. i'm sure we'll have more from his family party next weekend, and then geramy's party the weekend after that.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

favorite foods

evan's favorite foods this week are apple sauce and scrambled eggs... that's pretty much all he's eaten in a few days.... needless to say he's been filling his diaper pretty regularly.

a quick blurb

so evan's party is tomorrow... i hope it'll be fun, and i surely hope that evan will where his costume! i haven't pushed it all this week hoping that i can get him in it for his party. he is feeling 100% better again, thank God. nothing like dealing with a sick kid.

our loud neighbors have been cleaning out the garage for the past few days making all sorts of noise and being obnoxious. what else is new.

i've created a page on myspace recently so i could read janelle's other blog and discovered a bunch of old classmates there so i've been glued to my machine waiting for responses to my messages. this has made me very excited. i miss all my old friends.

that's it for now we have to figure out dinner

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

i need...

here is something i did for janell's blog, but recently saw herb do it too, so i'm posting my results here so others can do the assignment too.

here it is... go to and type in "your name needs" only actually use your name and don't forget the quotes. then post your favorite 5 things that come up.

here are mine, as previously found for janelle's assignment:

1. Erica needs her family, and her family needs her.

2. Erica needs a nip (lol)

3. Erica needs to travel to England to recover gold owed her
family and restore the family's good name.

4.Erica needs to get up and have a stretch during class if she's sore, or uncomfortable etc ...

5.Erica needs wool pants

most of the comments with my name were refering to the character on AMC. but an entertaining hunt nonetheless.


evan update...
he's still sick, and wanted nothing to do with halloween.. what a bummer. i atleast wanted to take him around the neighborhood, but i couldn't evan get him to touch his costume, let alone put it on... that's it, next year i'll just buy him one, and if he won't wear it, that's ok, atleast i din't put a bunch of hours into making it.

anyhow.. i'm hoping evan doesn't have some sinus infection or anything... he's not vomiting anymore, thank God, and no longer has a fever, thank God, however we are having some serious issues with the leakage of is sinuses! they won't stop.. and it's the gross icky yellow boogies too, which just makes it more yucky. poor kid, he' having a hard time sleeping b/c of it.

but other than that things are going well.. it looks like he'll be well enough for is party on sunday... i was bummed that i had to rescedule it, but i didn't want to get the other kids sick. and he was just miserable, and frankly looked like crap. i have an easy week for work.. can't complain, and thankfully it was the week he's sick...i'm hoping he's feeling better for next week... it's such a pain to have to reschedule appointments, but atleast my number of clients has shrunken to the point that my schedule is longer booked solid with no room for rescheduling...

i'm signing off, b/c evan keeps stirring, and at some point eill need me to wipe his nose.