Saturday, April 26, 2008


... as Evan says it, is coming to an end. I couldn't have asked for abetter week off, really. the weather was absolutely perfect! and technically I was supposed to work this week, but with everyone else in the house off (even daycare was clsoed) I decided that I couldn't work, and needed to spend time with the family.

so on Weds we headed to Boston. we took the train from south Acton and rode in to North station. We almost missed the train due to lack of parking but made it litterally 2 seconds before they were leaving. We went to the aquarium, and had a great time there until the octopus scared Evan into wanting to leave. which was okay because it was a mad house in there! OMG. I know it was vacationbut I feel like the fire code was being broken. If you've never been to the NE Aquarium, it's a fairly tight space inside and with kids running everywhere screaming and such being surrounded by concrete, it was quite loud! After that we walked over to the Children's museum via the Harborwalk path, which was nice, but took forever (it was the way the museum suggested to go.)
The children's museum was great fun.. for evan and liam.. exhausting for us! it was 3 floors of playing! we were going to go to the swan boats after, but we were so tired we said forget it. for the alk back to the T by the aquarium, we walked along the main road, and jay commented on how it used to be the highway. I couldn't believe it.. and then I remembered not having to go under it from fanuel hall (not that we went there, but in the past I have) and It looked so nice to see the beautiful buildings with all the green space in the road.. it looked like it had always been that way. As much as the Big Dig was THE biggest financial disaster ever, Boston looks fantastic now that it's done! and if you haven't seen it I reccomend that you do. We would have taken pictures, but the batteries died after a couple were taken on the train

hope all is well