Wednesday, May 23, 2007

another year has come and gone

and i think the only think that's really different is the weather. lol. it's supposed to be gorgeous this week! i'm very excited.. so excited that i'm having a bbq. why not. i love having ppl over.

but all in all my birthday went well. nothing went wrong. and that's all i can really ask for.
i droveout to timbucktoo with the office to look at some new listigs. and while out on the hills i saw a farmer plowing his fields. using horses! my god i had no idea people still did this task without a tractor! (the amish don't count.. i'm sure they don't use tractors) it was neat though. and if i had my camera and wasn't in a caravan of cars i would've stopped and taken a picture.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

happy mother's day!

While i remember b/c i know i'll forget tomorrow.. I just wanted to wish all the wonderful mother's out there a wonderful Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

cows and crosswalks

gotta love living in the country... for many people, including myself, i don't consider Greenfield country living.. but drive 15 -20 minutes out of greenfield, and your out in the sticks... some directions it takes less time than that.

today i headed out west on the Mohawk Trail for work to the restaurant on the hairpin turn... I brought my camera. today I was headed for the Berkshires! clean crisp air, gorgeous views.. and apparantly bad well water contaminated by the highway dept (road salt)

i took some pictures of the views from the restaurant i was at. just gorgeous views of North Adams, and Mt. Greylock. on the way back i stopped at one of the summits and took some pictures there too. I love that this is only about 45 minutes from my house. As much as i miss the beauty of the beach on a daily basis, I love how it's so gorgeous out here, when you just look at it the right way. I guess any area is like this. unless of course you live in crack central than you have a different story. But a good photographer could get worthy shots of crack central if they wanted to... and felt safe enough too i suppose.

yesterday i was driving up the mountain in Leverett towards Shutesbury, when i see an on coming car (down the mountain/large hill) going very slow and behind it to cows running, so i slow way down almost to a complete stop, b/c i didn't want to spook them.. after they passed, i wondered if that was even necessary. i know when you drive past horses you drive super slow as to not spook them, so me thinking quick, just figured it be best to do that when driving around cows.. why when i got to the top of the mountain i pulled in to the fire station and let them know that there were cows running down the mountain. I'm a good little citizen, aren't I?
and a couple weeks ago While out in the southern berkshires i saw 3 moose in somebody's front yard! Didn't have my camera that day though.

I'm typing this enjoying lunch today at home.. as it's on the bay back to work from rt 2. we live like 5 minutes from the highway.. andd on the way home i discovered it's officially crosswalk painting season.. it's like an obstacle course out there, dodging oranges cones and oncoming traffic... in a suburban nonetheless!

so back to work i go in a few minutes now that i'm done enjoying my calorie rich Ellio's and Coke Zero

Enjoy this gorgeous weather.. (it's beautiful and like 85 degrees!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

the new nephew has finally arrived!

Brayden finally made his debut on May 1st! only 9 days late. Poor Christine wanted a diamond on her mother's ring, but it appears as though Brayden really wanted the emerald. click the picture to see the album. scott's sister had uploaded pictures on her myspace and i downloaded them, so I could share them!


I can't wait to see him! he's not all bruised like Liam was.. my poor baby was all black and blue in the face.