Friday, October 31, 2008

I had a dream.... and then I woke up

I was back at Wareham High- not as and 18 year old, but as my current 28 year-old self. And I was a student. Apparantly it was half way through the year or so, and I had not come to class since september or something. I couldn't remember where my locker was. hmmm. i walk by the computer labs on the first floor to see Jeff Turlik teaching a class. He was in front of the class playing a song on his guitar. It was a recent Coldplay song. I stopped to listen (I like coldplay). Upon finsihing he says something along the lines of "many people consider this very harsh style in rock".. and all I could think was, I dont' think so.. but I woulld say System of a down or Serj Tankian as fairly harsh music..

I move on.. head upstairs via the foyer, and see Nik O. We wave and smile, and he mentions something about a reunion as I go past. I did not seem to think this was not normal- as if we've been friends since the days of Hammond school... lol I see Jeff T as I round the corner, and I say, "hey Jeff, what's going on?" his reply- "I'm Mr. Turlik here", "oh crap", I say, " I forgot", he says, "many other students are forgetting to call me that too". I wanted to ask him when he left Blue-Man Group,and went back to teaching, but he was gone.

I turn left and head down the hall and see the Phinn-dog. and we get talking. I say I don't remember what class I'm supposed to be in, and he brings me down to the teacher prep area- (which never existed when I was a student) at the end of the hall. The back window area was made in to a very nice very large teacher room. so big I think they took out 2 science rooms and had that space incorporated. I say to Malcom, 'wow this is a huge teacher's room", he says, "oh this isn't the real teacher room, this is the prep area", I said, "This room can fit three of my husband's teacher's room from where he teaches at" (wtf?) Oh and some how I managed to get my paws onto a Woodchuck, Hard Cider. And was drinking it. at school. legally.

so Malcolm tryis to get me to tell him why I haven't come to school in several months, that I've missed a lot of classes, and won't be able to pass the year. I don't remember saying anything. I remember other students coming in and watching tv.

I can't remember anything after that. I think I woke up.

All this reunion buzz has got my brain remembering some weird shit.. and yes I was on a first name basis with teachers. not so weird in real life, as I am no longer a student, but a bit odd for a student to be on a first name basis. oh and the other weird thing. Nik and I were never really friends, not that we hated each other, just not friends.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm so smart

My complete and utter inability to focus at work has to do with the simple fact that I'm bored. what's more interesting than weighing and labeling 100's of vials, peeling tape off of 4000 test tubes, and washing (then acid washing) dishes??

1 word:


my brain just can't handle the lack of critical thinking or god.. even just interesting thinking involved with this "monkey work" (that's what my boss calls it).