Friday, January 16, 2009

A meme to do, thanks to Mom

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ok mom, here goes:

1. I taught myself how to crochet, and I love it... when I have yarn. I also like to sew and quilt when I get the chance but without a dedicted sewing room, it is difficult to find space that is occupied by clutter or in range of the kids' paws.

2. I want to go back to school and do what I always wanted as a child? guess... tv? nope.... guess again..... lol... I'll just tell you it's easier that way: teacher.. and I'm thinking of going towards elementary.. I just have to pass the tests and take some classes before I can enroll in a program. I've got to have some money too, atleast some money to pay the bills while I go to school so it has to wait until Evan is in Kindergarten (aka: free school). I can hopefully atleast take some of the pre-req's in the meantime

3. I'm super excited about the upcoming class reunion. I hope we can make it! and I'll be super bummed if I can't.. but I will do my damnest to be able to be there.

4. an easy one. I have 2children. boys in fact.. this is funny because my 1 and only sister also has 2 boys. My mom had 2 girls when she had wanted boys.. now she's got 4! I find it hard to raise the boys, I think, because we didn't have any in our family growing up.. I like to think that I'd have an easier time with girls, but I could be wrong.

5. when I was in High school the comments I got most frequently on my report cards: "concientious", "works well with others", and "too talkative". I hated working in groups. The teachers put me with the lazy and/or dumb kids thinking I could cajole them into doing work, when it never ever worked that way. Once in history class the group members didn't do anywork, so I gave up and did it myself, not including them on the assignment. I did tell the teacher that they did diddly squat.

6. I took 2 semesters of Finnish while in college. I really enjoyed it, but was unable to take any more semesters because my senior year the professor when on sabbatical in Germany for the year. I hardly remember it though which is too bad, but I did manage to retain a good chunk of Spanish in my brain, form the years I studied that.

7. My family is the most important thing in my life.. and not just the kids and such.. everyone!

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