Wednesday, November 3, 2004


ahh... the first entry, not sure what to write about.

Evan, my son, who is about to turn 1 (on the 10th), has been suffering with his molars. ugh! it's been miserable the past couple of days. after what we call "a situation" this morning he seems to be in much better spirits. thank God b/c it's been agony just trying to make him comfortable. thankfully babies only have to teeth once... it may take a couple years getting them in, but, it's not pleasant.

I have a job doing absolutely nothing which pertains to my college degree in communication. it's an "ok" job. i test well water for the state, through UMass Amherst. people complain to MassHighway about their water tasting like road salt, and they send me to their houses to grab water samples. don't let me fool you.. it's not that an exciting of a job.

as it stands i think i may know 1 person whose degree is doing them some good. my friend julie from college is working at news 22. now i'm not sure what she does there, but atleast it's at a tv station. Several people i know are currently looking for jobs in their field, and hopefully it goes well.

Evan just woke up, perhaps i'll write more later

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