Monday, March 28, 2005

how is everyone?

i wanted to write something, but i forgot what it was. ah well... that's the story of my life these days. can't remember crap. I'm sick of my job, but really who isn't? hopefully soon i'll be spending some time down at the greenfield tv station. i'm very much looking forward to that. :)

i had to drive to lakeville today... which was ok. i had lunch with my mom, whom i haven't seen since evan's birthday or christmas... either way far too long. unfortunatly christine and james couldn't make it to lunch :( she had towork for the first time since he was born. going back to work sucks plain and simple. but the paycheck is somewhat of a compromise. i still haven't seen teh baby other than in pictures. he is super cute. we have good genes in my family i must say.

i'm gonna figure out how to post pictures now.


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  1. All this time I didn't realize u had a blog going...I read 4 1st time today 0408.
    Hope the dried food is edible!
    I've only read 1 other blog addr was in paper so he stopped, so u are 2nd. If I start, I'll let u know, keep up the good work-LvU