Friday, August 26, 2005

life goes on.

evan's asleep. it's naptime. let's see if he makes it to his normal 2 hour nap today... yesterday he had a marathon nap. it started at daycare. melly said he went to sleep b/w 1-1:30 we picked him up at 3-something... fell asleep in the car on the way home, and continued to sleep in the car until 5-something! he then went to bed at 9:30 and didn't fall asleep without a good fight... so probably about 9:45 before he calmed down enough to sleep.

last night tyler's mom and sister came up for dinner. that was good time. we made mammoth amounts of jambalaya and collard greens. almost enough to feed a small army, and there's a whole casserole dish of it in the freezer we're all eating for lunch. it definately came out better this time than the first time we made it. last time tyler and i misread the directions and put in about a cup of cajun spices instead of the 2 tsp we wre s'posed to! it was so peppery it was practically inedible. of course we didn't discover this until the following day when "Oops" was the word of the day. thanks to amanda for the cajun cookbook.. it has served us well.

i just lost the game. this will only make sense to those who play the game.

we have begun making our own wine. the first batch came out good.. it's still young and needs to age a few more months before it's s'posed to be ready... but of course we're drinking it. we're currently in the process of making apple wine, which apparantly has the potential to have 19% alcohol whe it's done fermenting... b/w the sugar in the juice and the sugar we added the yeast sure did go to work, and boy will we get tanked when we drink it. lol. it's still got a while to go before it's even ready to be bottled.

jason offically starts his job on monday, but he's been going in the past couple of days to get htings setup and do prep and stuff. he's very excited to be not working at umass anymore doing microbiology... the lab had a pizza party for him and we went down to join in... that was a good time.. i didn't even get a parking ticket! i only had 65 cents for the meter which amounted to 39 minutes... yeah meters are super expensive on campus, but i didn't feel like parking in my lot which is across campus from where the lab is.. it is however right next the building where i work in the engineering end of campus. speaking of which i need to call parking services... they haven't sent my my parking permit yet. just called them... they said it was mailed within the last 2 days. let's see how long it takes for it to get to me 1/2 hour away.


  1. I hope u consider giving away wine 4 Xmas.... now I want some!

  2. didn't you make a pepper chicken soup by accident once?!?!?! i believe you made me eat it!!!!!!

  3. Did you say wine? I love wine. Wine loves me. So when is the wine coming to me? Don't want the apple wine though... As snaggle tooth should remember, any liquid made from apples makes me sick. (Remember the monks??)
    And as for's good for you!!

  4. skOh yeah, I remember in the way back dusty-times when Flleenie was itty bitty, she guzzled and got totally loaded on Monk-home-made hard apple cider on the mountain up in Vermont, and was not happy (hung-over) all the ride back to MA...
    I'll prob really like the apple, tho, hint,hint...

  5. i don't need any wine like these two lushes... just don't make me eat the pepper again... promise... *shudders*

  6. you guys just made christmas gifts alot easier! except for christine.. she's been a pain lately trying to figure what to get her for her birthday.

  7. i can't recall any pepper soup... but then again, i have a hard time recalling much of anything since i had the baby... life before kids is a blur.