Wednesday, September 6, 2006

pictures from the weekend

here are some shots from the weekend:

we went to the butterfly conservatory, which the kids loved, and the staff was showing off soem of the other creatures they have besides the gorgeous butterflies flying all over the place. here you see a giant hissing cockroach on my arm. it's native to madagasgar, and apparantly has as much protein as 5 hamburgers! i guess people eat these. no thanks.

Here is Christine sitting on the sandbox. she and scott took tons of pictures over the weekend.

Here's evan ad james on the turtle sandbox. it makes for a good trampoline. evan was posing nicely, james would barely sit still for 2 seconds.

here's the big sis' family looking over teh rail on mt. sugarloaf, our local mini-mountain... 670-something feet above sea level.

here's a face shot of our nephew james and his mom, my big sis.

here's my son acting like a big cheezeball while i ran into stop&shop for something.

the view from mt. sugarloaf. the connecticut river, and the holyoke range are the main members of the shot here. you can see all the farm land too that goes down the river.

a closer shot of some of the farm land

and to top off the weekend, the poison ivy i've been battling with on my right leg got better earlier in the week, but i developed more poison ivy on my feet and toes, which i blame on the cat. it itches like a bitch... although luckily the bumps aren't as bad as a co-worker at the office.. she had to get the shot. yuck


  1. Other than spiders, cockroaches are the only insect that freak me out. You let that thing crawl on you. Ewwww.

  2. I was working in my office the other day when something of movement caught my eye.... it was a roach (very indiginous to our area, and about half the size of your "friend") that stumbled across my rug in the throes of death. Needless to say, I was not kind in his disposal. I have no problem with them walking around outside of the house in their natural environment, just can't stand them getting in. Ewwww, yuk, ick, ick!

    Glad to see that you and Christine had a great time, and took many pictures. It was cool to see the CT river.... I grew up on the mouth of it in Old Saybrook, CT.

    And Evan.... such a cutie!

  3. this type of cockroach people have as pets, and the females i guess are harmless.. if i see any in this country that aren't supposed be where they are.. you better believe that thing is going to die.. the trick is to find something other than a shoe to kill it with b/c the females carry the eggs on their backs and then you walk around and spread the eggs. nasty thought, eh?

  4. Nice pics, thanks for posting them. Wish I could've been there, those two cousins are so cute!

    ... actually, (no surprize) I tested positive for allergy to roaches, n their oily residue (they leave trails behind them for other roaches to follow) So can't have them in the house (n don't want 'em there either!)

  5. i don't know if these cockaoches are similar enough to the household ones in these parts to cause allergies. it didn't look like a cockroach i had ever seen before. if you came to the butterfly place with us.. i think you'dve croacked from all the flowers in there. and we dont' want that.