Sunday, July 1, 2007

our party

we had a party yesterday.. everyone got loaded.

i made my famous teriyaki steak and cabbage salad (aka coleslaw but vinegar based, no mayo) and spicy rice and kale.. everyone loved it. we had to make a drunken run to to store for desserts. thnkfully the store is only a block away.; we had enough salds to chock a horse! it was all really good though

3 or 4 games of horseshoes were played. by the time croquet was requested it was starting to get dark, and poor becky set it up b/c she really wanted to play, but i think most people were to drunk to get up. hahaha. I was holding the baby and wanted to play too but i wanted to get the baby asleep first so instead of playing croquet or Munchkin, we watched the fire for many, many hours

jay woke up with an upset stomach. not me though.. i ended up forgetting to have more daiquari's

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