Monday, August 27, 2007


I finally worked on and finished the bag I promised to my sister for Mother's Day. hush up.. I've been working 2 jobs and taking care of a family. I'm just glad I finished it before her birthday.

1 closing down, 1 to go! The next one is scheduled on october 9th, and I've got a co-worker who's ready to buy a house too. who said real estate was slow? for some reason little-ol-part-time me is go-go-going...

Evan starts preschool on the 10th, we're all so very excited. Hard to believe my little dude is ready for school. Little does he know he'll be in school for atleast 15 more years. ugh.

ok i'm done.. i'm tired


  1. Whoa, pre-school!!! Holey Moley!! How time flies! You all are supposed to stay the same, I guess, in my mind only...

    I know time does pass quickly as Ryann is 10 yrs old & in 5th grade.

    Miss you, kisses to the kids,
    Luv Auntie E

  2. I'm like that with some projects, too.
    I guess with all the foreclosures there's probably some really good deals out there now if you can get the mortgagers to lend- I've seen an info-mershal which said it's a great opportunity for RE in this market- maybe the dude is right...