Tuesday, December 4, 2007

for crying out loud.

I got a letter in the mail today from my doctor.. she's leaving the practice and going back to working in the ER. This is the 3rd doctor I've had since I've graduated college in 2002 that left being a primary care doctor. I never even had a chance to meet this one.. I would have recently, but she was booked and I had to see a different doctor in teh practice. the doctor before that I saw once, just once.. it was the "i'ts nice to meet you" appt... and the one before that I saw twice.. she retired. The retiree's office moved and I didn't know until I showed up for an appointment and there was a sign in teh window stating they had movied 6 months prior! and I only found out she retired when I wanted to make an appointment. so then I moved my records up to greenfield and picked a new doctor. she was nice.... I only found out she left when I was sick and needed to make an appointment. Then I waited a while to pick a primary care doctor b/c I was annoyed so I picked this new doctor.. a year later.. well atleast I received a letter. I think I'll hold off on picking a new doctor.. again.. I'm doomed.

I wish I could have one of the mid-wives as my primary. I know them real well!! I saw them a bunch and they never left.


  1. For crying out loud...that sucks!

    I guess I'm spoiled because I don't have to worry about those things. I have a primary care doctor, but I don't have to always agree with her, do I?

  2. all of the doc's that left were my primaries.. it's so frustrating.

  3. One of mine left 4 years ago when I had good insurance. The reason she told me in person tho, was the cost of malpractice insurance (state required) in MA is sky-high!
    They need to repay massive school loans, n insurance takes forever to pay them. It's tough to make it here. Can't blame them for moving on to another better deal.

    Good luck with the next gamble... er pick-

  4. MB - I once had a primary leave their practice and didn't find out until I showed up for the appointment. Nice eh?

    ..... and people wonder where healthcare has gone huh?


    - Neo

  5. ever since I saw SiCKO everything about the healthcare industry drives me crazy