Tuesday, January 1, 2008

how was your new years spent?

anyones had to be better than mine... I got home from work, and i got sick.. threw up many times. why? that's a good question.. i have no idea, but I do know that it sucked royally, and I couldn't keep anything down.. at the end of the night I had one of evan's gross pedialyte freeze pops.. that stayed down. yay.. and then i woke up a couple times last night to unload the water I had been drinking.

My husband was sick too for the same reasons.. bizarre. we had a few friends over too.. we were going to play d&d whcich we hadn't done in forever, but after jay was feeling ill we said nevermind.

I seem to be feeling alright this morning, although super achy from all teh yaking I did.. lets hope I feel better by tomorrow b/c I'm supposed go out in the field to do work along the highway. If I feel like crap still I'm not going in.


  1. Bummer! That's never fun- Hope the kiddies aren't next! Hope it goes away quick, like a 24 hour bug. If not watch out for food poisoning n ecoli...

    I spent the day working as you know- catching, some n filling puffy tons of those little "m" things. my hands are falling off...

    Got the little tree lights off before the deep-freeze set in, too!

    Good luck, better U soon!

  2. Well, we went to a kid friendly block party, like we do every year. It was fun. BTW, what's d&d? (Dungeons & Dragons?)

    Luv U!

  3. Yes, Fleen, that's the name of a great role-playing game they've been doing with their freinds since Umass days!

  4. yeah I'm a geek, but jay and may of our friends have been playing since they were like 12