Monday, June 9, 2008


watch your kids at the swim area. as we were leaving today we saw the guards carrying a limp little body out of the water by the little dam. Turns out that CPR worked, or so I believe.. I couldn't really see, but I saw the guards lingering and a woman hugging a wet boy.

the other day Evan left the back gate open while I went inside to get something, and next thing we know the neighbor is holding our baby and said he was down at the corner in the street. ack! I nearly had a heart attack. scary shit.

A good friend of a friend of mine lost his son while he was swimming at a pool. just knowing that is scary enough. and I think the scariest part is that Evan doesn't get it. doesn't understand why I tell him to not go past his belly button, to stay near me and swim in the area in front of out things. He's four, and doesn't think. He gets so excited, and just does whatever. My goal last year for this year is to teach him how to swim on his own. the trick is getting him to focus and not want to play with the other kids.


  1. Knowing how to swim is no guarantee an accident, like someone hitting his head, pushing him under, swallowing water, won't happen. Children do tend to respond without lasting effects to CPR after drowning, unlike adults.

    I saw a scary news story about a boston kid who walked home with his family, then drowned from too much water in his lungs! He just complained about feeling tired-
    (he had swallowed too much- delayed reaction)

    I stayed in the bank lot longer than I needed today because the lady from the car next to me left the baby in the car seat to go to the atm- baby screaming, windows open, radio blasting- I felt I needed to guard the child-

    but anyone could have taken her- I was mad (I yelled)! People are idiots!

    Good advice!

  2. I would have barked till the lady got out of that ATM for fear I was going to bite her traprd kid..
    Your little one will learn to swim and go on to swim for the USA hope you had a great 4th.. Buddy