Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

first I'd like to thank all over our nations soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation and its beliefs. This morning we ventured out to the parade. It was nice we happened to be near the cemetery and saw the gun salute and heard taps played by 2 talented trumpeters  from the GHS marching band.

Saturday I had my BBQ which was a good time, and ended up with less people than expected- but still had a pretty good number. It did rain a couple times and at each shower we added another pop up tent canopy thing- we had 3 up for some reason my husbands family likes to keep them in their vehicle.. i guess it's it's one of those "you never know when you're gonna need it items".

Today was spent farting around, and doing laundry. Jason informed me that our clothespin bag got mangled in the storm and we needed a new one, so I made one up. I'm crafty like that.

Here it is, made out of a pant leg of the husbands old pants and some fabric along with a plastic kids hanger that I no longer need. go to my sidebar and visit to find out how to make one of your very own using an old pair of pants.

so after i finished up the laundry i decided to venture over the neighbors and trim their bushes. it's a rental and the landlord doesn't do it, and they are on the corner making it very difficult see around when people need to get out of our street. i hacked them enough so we can now see alright, I think, and now my forearms are all wonky as i did it by hand.

couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend.. weather was super and it was pretty relaxing!!


  1. You went to a parade! Lucky you! Can you still hear?
    Glad your BBQ wasn't all indoors- I don't have canopys in the truck- just rope n 2 tarps! Wish I could've visited- bet the kids are loving the warm weather.
    I love pruning- did a bunch of low branches into the road from the Ash n trees growing under the deck area- Does build those biceps!

    Nice hanger pin bag- thought at first it was a shirt-

  2. ooh... I'm shaking in my boots... lol

  3. You should be tried for crimes to plantanity!!!