Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garden visitors from this week

We have been getting some beautiful visitors to our house the last couple of weeks. We've also had a hummingbird, but i didn't get the camera in time. The poor yellow one, has a torn wing :(
Then there is this little moth critter thing pictured below. anyone know what it is? and of course 1 of our 2 frequenting monarchs.


  1. Oooo two posts in one month! I may faint...

    That top one is definately a swallowtail- I see the Purple flower xine is doing well- I wish mine had lives.
    Only seen one monarch so far, but found grass hoppers upstairs on the deck eating petunias! I threw them back down stairs-

    That moth thibg is wierd- I may have to look it up0 nrver seen it before!

  2. i was wondering when you'd notice :) we thought it was a baby hummingbird for a while until i got close

  3. according to
    that is a hummingbird moth!
    under the pics of the Eastern Tiger swallowtail

    just plug in brown both boxes n MA to find the list where they both were.

    I really haven't had alot of puter time lately- I should be sleeping...