Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Damn you mother nature! *shakes fist*

Ok, it is 83 degrees in my lab right now, and I'm wearing winter attire. So I'm wicked hot, but I digress.

I do like me some snow, I know, I know, I'm weird. So I have been mentally sad that we have had no snow more than an inch deep since Halloween. However now that it's FEB 28th, now is not the time to conveniently remember that you have forgotten winter... or that you have suddenly realized that, "F*ck,  Europe isn't part of the northeastern US? Shit, now is my chance.. here have some snow, and then it'll be 50 again".

We're about to be bitch slapped and there's nothing we can do about it..



  1. Let's see, it's March 10 already! Thought I checked here last week... guess not!
    Thanks for the Solar link on ESR comments.
    I had my window open here 3 days in a row now! So nice out, tho a bit windy.

    I'm tired of the weather roller-Caoster. Way up, way down, Again!

  2. Despite everyone's impression that Canada is freeeeeezing, I can fully relate to your discomfort! We're around 26 degrees today.... about 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and I still haven't pulled out my summer attire... so I'm sweating like a chimp in a sauna today.

    Hopefully the world isn't about to spontaneously combust!

  3. omg. you're comment has just reminded me that I need thank Mother Nature for our gorgeous weather this week! lol but I agree none of us were prepared for this stretch of weather. I have to do another round of laundry just so the 2 pairs of shorts we had left in rotation are wearbale again :/