Thursday, June 28, 2012

spare key? yes! oh crap...

So after a FANTASTIC evening near Boston working a Pampered Chef party, I roll in around midngiht go to bed without incident.

I get into work this morning and manage to lock everything (except myself, my coffee, sunglasses and a now empty snapple bottle) in my car. Pocketbook, lunch, not 1 but 2 cell phones (mine and my work) and my audiobook... *sigh* Thankfully the husband will be able to come to my rescue sometime later... because my spare car key, is in my purse WHICH IS IN THE GOD DAMN CAR! *guzzles the damn coffee*

The best part is that I carry a spare key in my purse because I always fear that I will lock my keys in the car.. not only is this the first time I locked my keys in the car, but it's also the first time I locked my spare key in the car. Two birds with one stone. *sigh*

Story of my life.

(thankfully though, my husband was able to rescue me and come to my work to unlock my car... 2 hours later)


  1. You need a "Hide a key" which I bought but didn't get another key yet- to be put under a fender. Only 2 hours isin't bad-
    I've done that at current job 2ce already- thank AAA of other folks to open.

    Why I always make sure keyes are in my hand before closing door- lock myself out of house too- there's a key outside somewhere-
    It gets worse as you age!

  2. I always check too, but what happened was that I had just pulled into work, and decided to dump out a couple drink bottles that still had some stuff in them. I took 2 steps away to dump it in the grass,and the door shut. With all my things in the car....