Saturday, December 1, 2012

Heeey Geeky laaa-day!

So for the last few months my inner geek has been going crazy loving all this stuff that I had forgotten that I really enjoyed. I have added some new links in my reading list as it is often where you can assume I'm occupying my straying mind when it's not working. The hubster has been trying to get me into Doctor Who the past oh... 10+ years and I've resisted, until this season, and the consensus is that I really like it. I did watch  some of the previous doctor also and thought, well this is weird.. but it grew on me and is just pretty damn cool.

I have been more active on Twitter, which I have found to be quite enjoyable! There is a button on the right side of your screen if you want to follow me. I follow a bunch of celebrities, and famous geeky people. Mostly I retweet awesome things hey share but sometimes I come up with my own things.

I have been wasting time watching YouTube, specially on channels such as Geek and Sundry and The Nerdist. There is some seriously funny shit there, people. Felicia Day (@feliciaday), Wil Wheaton (@wilw), and Chris Hardwick (@nerdist). Need I say more? The Guild, TableTop, All-Star Celebrity Bowling are just some of these guys current work, and some of my favorite ways to waste spend time. They do a TON of other stuff too, but I only wanted to share a few things.

Make everything cute OR creepy!

My favorite shopping website to browse is Think Geek and recently I have discovered Archie McPhee where you too, can purchase your very own VandalEyes starter kit. Where if you need some ideas go to This is an activity made famous by Anne Wheaton, (Wil's wife) and I am thinking I may need to start participating, but it's hard to find stick on eyes and then this happened.... so.. it might happen..

I've been really into techy news lately and thought the other day my next job could be some company's social media maven.. These positions do exist- I just need to find one


  1. Googly eyes are only safe fun when the kids are old enough not to eat them! I still have some from years ago in my crafts pile somewhere.
    I'm still not fast enough loading for twitter or alot of Utube watching. You win the Geek award- I win the Old Fart award!

  2. someday you will have "normal" speed internet!

  3. Yay! I love Dr. Who. My hubby got me into it, as well, and now I have a Dr. Who action figure collection.
    Also love ThinkGeek. What is the best geek thing you have seen on there? My fave is the 'rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock' mug(from 'Big Bang Theory).

  4. oh geez.. I don't know if I can pin it down.. I bought some more Dr. Who and star Trek things for my husband. There is just so much stuff there that I like! umm. there's this TARDIS play tent that ranks near the top!

    1. Oh, and I love the Star Trek shirts that are one-zies!