Wednesday, December 1, 2004

the beach

I wonder how everyone is doing these days. especially people i haven't seen in a long time, those from my high school days, and family far away. perhaps it's b/c i'm nosy or maybe b/c it's christmas time once again. actually i've been curious for many of these people for a long time.. several years even, only i have no way to get in touch with them. some of them i've tried to IM, but they do not get back to me. do they care, or are they just confused as to who i am b/c i have a new screen name and a different last name from whence they were my good friends. i wish we didn't drift apart, but life goes on.

my husband is still close to those he grew up with. mostly b/c they went to college together, and also they are still rooted around the valley where they grew up. most of my friends from when i was a teenager have gone to such places as california, new bedford, colorado... but there are a great handful where i don't know where they are. i'm sure many are still around wareham somewhere, but others have made the trek, like me, away from the beach, away from family including all these friends. i dont' resent moving out to the valley at all... i love it here, but my heart does and will always cling to where i grew up, and i'll always long to visit hoping to see some of my old friends around town.

i dont' go there nearly enough to fill my need to be at the beach. we did go to marshfield this year, and it felt nice to be at the water again.. i hadn't been in long time. we'd go visit more, but the hotels are way expensive and neither of my immediate family members live in places that can accomodate a small family. such is life.

Evan has taken over the reaigns of the computer, so rather than fighting, i'll sign off.

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