Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After

Can it be? Christmas day has come and past, and a new year is upon us. the baby is taking a nap the husband is at church and I'm home relaxing. still in my pj's poking around on the computer. all is well. i decided to try out my new food dehydrator this morning. we'll see how it goes later. i'm very excited. i also got an ice cream maker which i'm dying to try out too.

it's amazing how little time it takes for a baby to lose his interest in a task. for example: opening gifts. it took forever for us to open evan's presents.. after unloading his stocking and finding a new toothbrush, he didn't want to do anything else but walk around and let Captain Destructo take over the house.

jason decided to make us pancakes for brunch which were tasty, but in the process tried to smoke us out of the house with his new cast iron skillet thing i bought for him. that was funny.

evan got a bunch of stuff, and amazingly jay and i bought each other the same gift.. a d+d book.. it's amazing b/c there are many out there, but we both picked the same one. funny how we know each other i guess.

tyler got from us a joke gift that has history: plastic swizzle sticks. i won't talk about the story here to protect the innocent, but for those who were there, may laugh about it now. i think that was one of the most entertaing gifts fo the friends Christmas party. Trev got "Beer Money" a card game which involves beating people up. also quite amusing.

for today we have some not so big plans, of checking on the drying food, perhaps some shopping of christmas stuff for next year at super cheap prices, and taking care of our son who accidentaly pulled his high chair on himself last night and got a bloody nose. poor little dude.

got to run, for evan is waking up now. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.

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