Tuesday, February 22, 2005

so yeah.... it's 2005...

And it doesn't seem any different than before the new year. It's almost Easter. hard to believe. we've had a bunch of snow including 1 blizzard, which most of massachusetts go hit with, and it's non stop rain in california. glad i dont' live there, b/c that really sucks. i know for damn sure that i wouldn't want my house to wash away with everything i owned, loved and worked so hard for.

so we've pretty much finished redoing the kitchen. oh i didn't tell you? we decided it was time for cabinets and real counter seeing as how evan loved to pull things down and out of the sink, cabinets.. you name it. don't let me fool you.. we don't have any real money.. we did this with student loan and tax return money. yay for that. just a few cosmetic touch ups left to do. thank god. i'm sick of all the tools and repair materials strewn about the kitchen and back room.. i can't seem to keep it organized for very long b/c we working on the kitchen again.. it seems to never end.

i had a dream the other night i was at the beach and it was summer, and it was AWESOME. i miss the beach... we hope to visit the beach for our vacation this summer. i realized a few weeks ago, we never took a week off for vacation last year. we had a couple of 3 day weekends, but that just doesn't cut it. ya know... i guess we're jus tnot destined to ever go to niagara falls, b/c the 2 years we planned the trip something came up and we were unable to go.... mostly be/c we had to move and that was our vacation money, so we really haven't gone on a vacation since our honeymoon! holy crap!

does anybody out there read these? just curious. with that i gotta run. time for food

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