Monday, May 30, 2005

post- long weekend

so this is the first long weekend with a monday off in a long time... i often forget when monday holidays are coming up and schedule appoinments b/c i normally work on mondays. don't let me give you the worng idea. i usually have long weekends only with fridays off. i'm also not complaining, but just commenting.

my family and i went down to the 'ham for a couple days over the weekend. we had fun. the best part was getting to meet my most adorable little nephew, james. be sure to visit my online photo album to see pictures from the weekend. i'll put the link in the sidebar too so you can take a look whenever you want. :) as of this moment i haven't posted them yet, but i will hopefully get to it within a couple of days. in the meantime, check out my mom and sister's blogs.

i'll write more later as i 'm about to help jason with a powerpoint for his class.

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