Friday, June 3, 2005

attack of the baby

my nephew james really took to his big cousin Evan on our recent visit

this past memorial day weekend! kept on trying to eat him... as you can

see here he's going in for the kill!

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We had a good time even though we spent most of our time on the vineyard in some restaurant that took forever to get us our food when it was EMPTY! and then forgot to make two of our meals. it turned out that the chef was being a slow asshole and our waitress who was new was flipping out! mom wrote the name of it down somewhere, so we know not to go there again!


  1. hi! You helped me out so, Talking about weird mistakes, I've been wondering what happened to your template's post and side bar widths. on my browser, the pic and profile stuff are way down at the bottom after the posts! I assume that wasn't on purpose, or are you trying to hide?? just wondering...

  2. i don't know why it does it.. but i use the firefox browser and it looks normal for me, but for some reason doesn't look normal in IE or netscape.