Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i should be paying attention to my online class that i'm taking right now

.. but why would i do that. i haven't blogged in a while, and i'm well overdue for an update. life has been treating me well. i think i need to add oil into my car, sometimes my car makes a slight unhappy noise wehen i put my foot on the gas... and i know i'm well overdue for an oil change. i can never seem to keep on time with that. mostly b/c i remember when we're out of money and/or i'm in a place where i can't do it.. like driving the beast for work halfway across the state.

oh well. real estate is going well. my first transaction is moving along smoothly. a friend of mine is buying a condo. hopefully we'll be closing on the 28th or so that means money.. exactly how much, i'm not sure /c i'm sure the listing agent gave the guy a break on the commision b/c he' ssuch a big wig in his office he's probably allowed to cut the commision rate a little, and then century 21 will skim some off the top too, so we'll see.

i've lost 8 lbs this month! woo.. this diet is working :) but yet at the same time my belly is getting bigger, as it should at this point.. i'm almost 21 weeks now! i'll try and post a picture soon.. it's like i got fat overnight b/c of the losing weight thing. lol.. makes me wonder how much i've actually lost b/c i'm gaining weight too as i'm losing it.. it's weird, but hey it's a good diet ;) it doesn't work well for many people though.. just happens that babies work for me!

the leaves here are near peak if not full peak this week.. they look gorgeous driving down the highway... i went through shutesbury today, and not one tree was green absolutely gorgeous. made me wish i had my camera, but didn't think of it. however if you live out of the area, don't you dare travel here b/c the locals may shoot you for driving 20 mph down the highway!


  1. Yay! A RE transaction- I'm so proud of you. Now if that could... only happen once a week you'd be all set making back the investment.
    We're not peak yet, just the swamp. Maybe I'll drive to the bogs of Carver for pics next.

  2. Congrats on your first real estate sale. Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.