Friday, October 20, 2006

this is what happens when i'm bored at work

i thought i'd giv ethe new blogger beta a whirl.. now i have to update it and stuff, so i'm using an altra generic layout, and i have to upload links and shit, an di dont' know any off the top of my head so i'll get to it at some point. so far it's not terrible, but man i guess i shouldn't be bored at work. i'll ge myself into trouble with my blog and stuff.


  1. I love your new page... and the picture. What a handsome couple you make!

    Sorry I haven't been over earlier to check out your part of the world.... mine's been hectic, as my busy season has started. It seems like I have even less time to do blogging than before. I will stop by more often now.

    Take care!

  2. Yeah, good time of year for orange- I was wondering how hard dealing with Beta would be...
    N nice shot- You're glowing n look all dressed up, did ya go to a wedding for that pic?

  3. we sure did go to a wedding last weekend for a couple of friends.. evan was home with jay's mom! a night out just what w needed!