Sunday, November 19, 2006

some pictures

just added: a picture of evan's birthday cake that i made for the kids. the grown ups cake was bigger and looked very similar to this gluten-free version :)

here are some pictures we took tonight.. don't mind the strech marks.. you can blame evan for those.. i do :) 26 weeks prego...

I'm not stoned or anything.. i was looking at something other than jason

evan found the christmas decorating stuff... i managed to get him to forget about the christmas tree one by saying we're doing that one another time. it seemed to work. i hid it.. better than jason hid them. we let him to the gingerbread people. why not. they came out cute huh?


  1. Mmm... Can I have a cookie?

    And are those The Beatles in that little car?

  2. ha! i only wish it were the Beatles.. . my 3 year old isn't that sophisticated yet.. rather the group in the Big Red Car is the Wiggles

  3. Wow, the belly looks humoungus in that pose!
    Do the Wiggles sing? Us old folkz need to watch it once to get a clue! What channel are they on?

    The cookies are well dec'd! Fun activity- enjoy!

  4. the wiggles are a singing foursome out of australia. they do kids stuff.. been doing it for like 15 year sor something. many people find them obnoxious, but it sure is damn cute when evan sings and dances with them!