Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bono says it perfectly about today..

"It's a beautiful day"... indeed, Bono, it is.

so i went to the doc's this morning with Evan.. who was amazingly good. they weren't running late at all. and the good news is that the baby has flipped! yay! the head is down and it's all good from here. we even got a peek with a quick ultrasound just to be sure!

What a cutie!.. the foot one is kinda hard to see, the face ones came out good. The baby is still a boy.. i had her double check. lol. just want to be sure ya know? he's got those chubby cheeks like evan had too!

i've created a web album with picasa.. there's a bunch of evan pictures up there.

check them out.

i'm the type of person that only likes to blog when theres something worth mentioning. so i had to mention that of course. and i didn't mention how our new years went b/c i forgot.

our new years was pretty boring. we had friends over, and at 9:30 we're all zombies in the living room tired from work and life.. we were practically asleep, and probabyly would've been if evan wasn't off the wall... . there was nothing on the tv either. we watched will and grace for about 10 minutes, and i broke down and said.. ok, lets play cards or something. we we played cards for a while which combined with coffee and wine woke people up... i had jay buy me a bottle of sparkling cider, so i had that. when it was time for the ball to drop we paused our card game got up, watched the ball drop, said cheers, kissed our spouses, and went back to playing cards. i finsihsed my sparkling juice right from the bottle. everyone laughed.. they said we should've gotten a picture. and then at about 1 or so people went home. it was good and quiet. so that was our new years... by the sounds of it you'd think we were old fogies or something.. but nope.. the avg age is 26-27.

have yourself a beautiful day too!


  1. I love that tune too...

    YAY! Here's to flipped-up-side-down baby boy! Luckily they didn't ask you to do head-stands...

    Very cool pics! Finally have time to go to Picassa-

    Hang in there, you're in the final lap!

  2. I had the same problem of no baby flip when I was pregnant with Chris, and was so worried that they would have to give me a C-section. He finally did flip, but I had to have a section anyway, as he got to rambunctious and punched a hole in the placenta while I was in labor. It wasn't the best of times, but the drugs were good, so I didn't feel anything after that.... till the next day.
    C-sections really limit what you can do for the first few weeks.... like no driving, no up and down stairs, no heavy lifting, no lifting baby. That can put a damper on your life.

    Nice ultra-sound pics, I can see the chubby cheeks.... what a cutie!
    So glad you are in the home stretch, as I'm sure you are glad about that too.

  3. MB - Man, those ultrasounds just get clearer and clearer with newer technology. Good to hear it's working out.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  4. That is such great news! HOORAY!