Friday, April 6, 2007

Hoppy Easter!

so Easter is this weekend. we're very excited. The boys and i ventured down to Yankee Candle b/c the Easter bunny was going to be there. for Free! and Evan was all excited. on teh way down i talked to him about how the Eater bunny is going to be big, but he'll be very nice, yada yada.. and Evan kept talking about how he was going to bring him "candy and presents just like Santa".. lol. i hope he's not too disappointed. it won't be nearly as much as santa would bring, but it's goodies none the less.

so we got there.. and mind you this is their flagship store, so it's huge. it's not that little nook you see ing the mall. it's practically a department store within itself. its a nice place actually. oh yeah.. so we get there, and evans so excited, and the bunny is on break "eating carrots" she said.. i highly doubt that but i digress so we venture forth onto the fun fact scavenger hunt. whoopee! it wasn't that fun, but evan behaved very well.. stayed with me while i hunted down posters so we could get our prize. we got these fantastic foam bunny ears, and a little packet of jelly belly's! when we get to the area with the bunny, evan sees him froma distance it got scared. poor kid. i was expecting it actually. so we didn't get a picture with the Easter bunny. but that's all well and good anyway. we had a good time

and where was Liam during all of this? sleeping.. the kid slept through the whole thing, and is still sleeping as i type this. i suspect his nap will end soon though.. there's always next year..


  1. Gotta love newborns! They'd sleep through a nuclear bomb!

    Sounds like a good time anyway, despite Evan getting scared.

  2. Oh God the ears! LOL.... That's totally taking me out! hahahahaha!

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  3. what's wrong with the ears? lol we had a good time

  4. Don't know how I missed this post last week... I think the pink ears are purty! Sounds like a fun field trip! Just wait til Ev's old enough for the Haunted Mansion stuff!
    It's funny how such a brave, bold kid can get spooked by a big stuffed animal! Perhaps he was expecting a smaller one!

    Hope your week is going good, the stormy stuff has calmed down for today here-

  5. The beautiful thing about children is that you can never predict their reaction to any situation! It is always an adventure.

    Gotta love them.