Sunday, April 1, 2007

Whirlwind of a Fool's Day

5 weeks have come and gone since i've had the baby, and it feels like i've never lived a day without him. b/c of his size it often slips my mind how young he still is. he weighs atleast, and i'm sure more than 14 lbs. yup.. you heard me right. 14 lbs at 5 weeks. he's filling out his 3-6 month size clothes nicely, and i fear that if i try and save money by buying diapers in bulk at BJ's that we'll end up wasting money and donating more than half the diapers to the new nephew. so we buy them at Tarjay or Wally world in the larger size there. we need to buy diapers soon, but i'm waiting b/c i'm not sure what the weight range is for the size 3's... i think we'll need those in the next few weeks. i just don't know when.

This is my last full week at maternity leave. 2 weeks earlier than originally planned, and 1 week earlier than we anticipated after i took that last week off of work b/c i couldn't do anything.. i couldn't sit or stand for more than 2 hours, and i felt just useless. i'm going back early b/c we can't do math.. we counted the weeks wrong and i already told both works i was coming back on the 9th. oops. however it's not all bad. i'm getting stir crazy being at home so much anyway.. i get bored easily.. always have. so i'll go back to work, but i won't work a full week. i won't have to drive anywhere, i just need to get in the swing of going back to work and getting the boys ready by myself in the morning. i'll take advantage and work on my morning routine, and not work a full 8 hours, and get paid. going back a bit early is helping our wallets out too. we saved all our money from tax returns to use as my paychecks while on maternity leave and going back early means i have an extra "paycheck" per se. my first pay check that i'll get when i return to work will only be half of the normal bi-weekly pay so we have a few hundred dollars "extra", that we didn't plan on. we're buying food. great sales this week, and our house is getting a bit dry. it's a good day when we are able to purchase gas and groceries and not put them on the credit card.

the last trimester of pregnancy really kicked our asses financially and we didn't notice until about a month ago. b/c of doctor's appointments and daycare cancellations and whatnot, i wasn't able to work my full 32 hours a week needed for several months at the end of my pregnancy, which meant that we have had to put alot of things like food and gas on the credit card, and boy that added up real fast. so jay has decided to get a second job at Tarjay for a while. it'll suck, yes, but hopefully we'll be able to make ends meet without adding much tot he credit card so hopefully we can pay that down, but it is much higher than we would like. jay will also be getting several stipends this spring from things at work and a seminar he did, so that will help as well. we plan on sending a bunch to the cards with that money too.

all in all life is alright. not much more to complain about. the day care situation has been resolved. our dear friend Tamar (aka Tammy) is helping us out by watching the boys for us through the end of june which jay should be able to take care of them over most of the summer. She'll then be taking the baby in the fall and evan will be going to preschool! yes you heard me.. the big pre-k! i can't believe it. thankfully pre-k is on a sliding scale fee schedule so it'll only cost us about $15/day or so. 1/2 the price of daycare. woo! speaking of which i have to go to the registration day tomorrow... i'm actually quite excited.


for most people april 1st is a day of silliness and laughter. but this is not the case to my group of friends that formed while in college. a childhood friend of jason and tyler, and several others, and then a college friend of mine and becky's and god knows how many more lost a friend on April 1st one year back in college. junior year i believe. we were living in Amherst in our little apartment with our friend Wes when we found out that Bill had committed suicide.. hung himself in the trees by the river near his apartment in sunderland. it was devastating. him and i weren't close, but he was close to many of my other friends and jason. the reason you wonder? it was b/c of a girl. she dumped him. it was stupid. every year at this time jay and i honor him, by having the sanctuary lamp burn in his honor and since on this day a drink is drunk in honor of Bill, who is told by all (from now varying points on the eastern seaboard) what a stupid thing he did. RIP.


  1. Going back to work early, eh?- Hope it all goes well! Enjoy this last week! (Sleep-party all you can)!

    April 1st always reminds me of being at Gramp's funeral in Maine in '92,
    n also of the huge snow-fall n snowman we two made (what year was that? '94?).

    Poor, sad Bill! Let's hope a few folks can learn his fool's lesson without performing it-

    Almost Bunny day again... have a good week!

  2. yup.. gotta go back to work.. gotta pay the bills.. butiam going back earlier than i planned.. but not on purpose.. the baby sucked out all my

    the blizzard was back in '97... i've still got a picture floating around somewhere from that. i had a blast making that snowman with you.

  3. MB - Good luck catching up. I know how quickly bills can pile up. I'm currently trying to unbury myself.

    Sorry about your friend. My brother did it the same way. Such a waste over something so small.

    Good luck getting back to work!

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo