Wednesday, May 23, 2007

another year has come and gone

and i think the only think that's really different is the weather. lol. it's supposed to be gorgeous this week! i'm very excited.. so excited that i'm having a bbq. why not. i love having ppl over.

but all in all my birthday went well. nothing went wrong. and that's all i can really ask for.
i droveout to timbucktoo with the office to look at some new listigs. and while out on the hills i saw a farmer plowing his fields. using horses! my god i had no idea people still did this task without a tractor! (the amish don't count.. i'm sure they don't use tractors) it was neat though. and if i had my camera and wasn't in a caravan of cars i would've stopped and taken a picture.


  1. MB - Oh man, the poor little guy looks tired. Hope ya rewarded him with some treats for the acting!

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. Wow, that's NOT your normal baby video! Cool, man...
    What a diff between his 3 mos. and Brady's 3 weeks. He's moving so much!
    Sorry I'm missing your BBQ, wish had $40 for fuel- never mind I don't think my arms could handle holding the wheel now.

    That rock-star hair is pretty funky, they need a blonde fro wig- maybe will be at your sis's awhile Mon-

    The past few days sleep has been way more important than online time-