Wednesday, May 2, 2007

the new nephew has finally arrived!

Brayden finally made his debut on May 1st! only 9 days late. Poor Christine wanted a diamond on her mother's ring, but it appears as though Brayden really wanted the emerald. click the picture to see the album. scott's sister had uploaded pictures on her myspace and i downloaded them, so I could share them!


I can't wait to see him! he's not all bruised like Liam was.. my poor baby was all black and blue in the face.


  1. MB - Man is everybody around you preggers? Keep away! LOL

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. Thanks for putting up the pics. Like Liam, he's much cuter in person. He is kinda red-

    Neo, this makes 4 for me! I think we're all set for awhile...

  3. i had 2 clients due in feb too, and just had a baby 6 weeks ago. a couple of friends from high school had babies 5 or 6 months ago and another one just found out she's expecting. so yeah i know alot of preggers but i think it has more to due with my age bracket..

    brayden looks wicked cute in the pictures! i guess i firgot to say that.

  4. I still think she should have named him Carroll, after "Auntie Carol" since he was born on her 50th and all...

    Or how about Joe?